jQuery Paypal Buy It Now Plugin

This is an easy to use jQuery Plugin which creates a Dynamic Paypal Buy It Now Button. You can customise drop down down options and specify your paypal email address for payment.

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Demo - drop down for selecting payment options.

Creates a paypal buy it now button dynamically with 1 drop down box containing payment options for different t-shirt size.


        var options =
            formId: 'myPaypalButton',
            itemName: 'Buy a T-Shirt',
            email: '[email protected]',
            basePrice: 59.00,
                    name: 'Please select your size:',
                    type: 'select',
                        'Size - Small' : 60.00,
                        'Size - Medium'   : 69.00,
                        'Size - Large'   : 79.99,
                        'Size - Extra Large'   : 89.00,
                        'Size - Too Big'   : 199.95

            countryCode: 'au',  //au, uk
            currencySymbol: '$',
            currencyCode: 'AUD'




Current versions and updates

1.0 - Initial version - 02/12/2012

  • Support for only 1 drop down box with options.
  • Supports for currency and country.
  • Supports payment to any email address.
  • Supports item name.

Features coming soon

  • Support for mutiple drop downs (base price related).
  • Supports for number input (base price related).
  • Supports for item options to be passed through to paypal.
  • Supports for purchase quantity.


Sam Deering / jQuery4u.com