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a minimalistic Excel-like data grid editor for HTML, JavaScript & jQuery


This page shows how to use Handsontable with various data sources:

Autocomplete lazy mode

This example shows the usage of the Autocomplete feature.

Autocomplete strict mode

This is the same example as above with a difference that autocomplete now runs in strict mode.

In this mode, the autocomplete cells will only accept values that are defined in the source array.

Autocomplete strict mode (Ajax)

Autocomplete can be also used with Ajax data source. In the below example, suggestions for the "Car" column are loaded from server.

To load data from remote (asynchrous) source, assign a function to the 'source' property. Function should perform the server side request and call the callback function when the result is available.

The property options overrides `defaults` defined in Bootstrap Typeahead. It may be useful to configure the number of displayed suggestions.

For more examples, head back to the main page.

Handsontable © 2012 Marcin Warpechowski and contributors.
Code and documentation licensed under the The MIT License.