Notifications.js is a notification library built with jQuery for creating flat styled notification bars sliding out from the right bottom of your page. The plugin currently comes with 4 built-in types of notifications: info, error, warning, success.



To use Notifications.js you simply need to call it as a function. Below is what you need.

                displayNotification(type, content, showTime);

Example Usage

You can add the function inside a on click event. Like so:

                $('#showError').on('click', function(e) { 
                     displayNotification('error', 'This is an error notification', 2000); 

Example usage when calling the notification from a custom function

                function onLogin() {
                    displayNotification('success', 'You have successfully logged in', 2000);

Feature Request & Contribution

If you would like to request a feature, fix or change then please post an issue on the github page. You can also contribute to this project by forking on github, make sure changes and then publish a pull request.