jQuery ColorPicker

Basic <input> example, without any options

Basic element (<span>> example, without any options

Fully-featured example

Localized to Dutch (nl)

Limit to websafe colors

Alternative field class

Background-color on outside, text color here


Output formatting HSLA

Output format list

You can specify a list of output formats, the first perfect match for the color is output.

Dialog with Colorpicker popup (demonstrates z-index)

Basic <input> example, without any options:
Basic element example, without any options:

Modal (and showCancelButton, closeOnEscape, showCloseButton)

Input formatting

Demonstrates the ability to parse common color formats as input.

Popup from any element (<em>)

Just click on this Emphasized word to show the colorpicker.

Custom layout

It's easy to arrange a new layout for the dialog. Especially handy when used in a sidebar.

Custom swatches

Use the Pantone PMS colors as swatches

Hidden input

Uses a hidden input and buttons to pop open the colorpicker


Demonstrates how to extend the set of parts with plugins.
  1. RGB Slider - Individual RGB sliders
  2. Memory - store and retrieve colors with cookies

Only a button image

A feature-packed colorpicker for jQuery and jQueryUI.