Koottam Social jQuery Plugin

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Let us see how far we can customize our plugin. Each options and their effects are discussed here.
id - Provide your facebook username/id, twitter username if method is api. If method is custom you can give any suitable id.
id: jobysblog
id: google

service - Only 2 services facebook and twitter use api method. You can use any other services you want. At that time method should be custom
service: facebook
service: twitter
service: Google+
service: RSS
service: Pinterest
service: Stumbleupon

method - It can take either api or custom. Use api method only if service is facebook or twitter
count - Any integer greater than or equal to 0. It is considered only when method is custom
count: 865
count: 85423
count: 96325874

style - Valid values are image_count, logo_count, image_logo_count, image_id_count
style: image_count
style: logo_count
style: image_logo_count
style: image_id_count

cell_color_style - Binary number representing how to apply themes. 111 means color all cells. 100 means color only first cell.
cell_color_style: 111
cell_color_style: 101
cell_color_style: 001

theme - Currently there are 7 themes: facebook-blue, twitter-blue, google-red, pink, green, black. You can create more themes by adding a class with theme name to koottam.css

count_style - can be either static or animate
count_style: static
count_style: animate

icon_url - url of icon

size - values can be default or large
size: default
size: large