jQuery coreUISelect

jQuery coreUISelect is a cross browser easy to stylize select element with jQuery and CSS. Requires jQuery 1.6 or higher

Available Features:

Default settings


Optiongroup support


With jScrollPane plugin

            jScrollPane : {
                verticalDragMinHeight: 20,
                verticalDragMaxHeight: 20,
                showArrows : true

Append to body setting

Custom dropdown build in body

            appendToBody : true

Callback functions and API

            onInit : addCoreUISelectListener,
            onOpen : addCoreUISelectListener,
            onClose : addCoreUISelectListener,
            onChange : addCoreUISelectListener,
            onDestroy : addCoreUISelectListener
        function addCoreUISelectListener(select, event){
            console.log(el, event);

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