jQuery Boxify.js Demo

Welcome to Boxify.js

Boxify.js is a jQuery plugin which lets you easily add Pinterest-like boxes to your page.

Custom Global Styling

Various style properties can be passed in to the boxify constructor to allow you to easily control the appearance.

The Boxes

Each box by default is 200px wide with 10px padding on each side.

Box Heights

As you can see, the height of each box is determined by its content - the height of the image and the height of the text. For the best results you should aim to keep your image heights proportional to the line heights of the text.

Text Placement

As you can see, the text can go above or below each image; this is entirely up to you and is controlled by the HTML.

Boxify.js Logo



Boxify.js is available for you to download on GitHub!

Individual Box Styling

data-* attributes can be added to each box to give it its own style. Notice how the title box is dark with light text.


You don't have to have an image in your box; nor do you have to have text, this is also controlled by the HTML.