Check it out, we have some super cool tooltips working here. I can't believe how great these tooltips are. We have the greatest Tooltips in the world. The best. We're going to make HTML great again.

You want Tooltips in different directions? We have you covered. You want them to show up above the element? How about below? We can even do to the left if you want to get REAL CRAZY. There's no telling where these tooltips are going to show up. Just kidding, there's easy telling - it shows up exactly where you tell it to.

What do you want? Do you want a delay? We can even do that. How about custom text? What kind do you want? From the title attribute? How about a parameter passed via Javascript? That not good enough? Try a data attribute on for size if you MUST. What part of "awesome tooltips" don't you understand? Why are you still reading this? Just go download this plugin today!