jQuery tinyNotice Plugin Demos

tinyNotice statusTitle and statusText with default text (is not any text) [is default]
tinyNotice with only notice title text {statusTitle:"your title"}
tinyNotice with only notice text {statusText:"your notice text"}
tinyNotice with custom statusTitle and statusText {statusTitle:"your title",statusText:"your notice text"}


tinyNotice note status [is default]
tinyNotice success status {status : "success"}
tinyNotice warning status {status : "warning"}
tinyNotice error status {status : "error"}
tinyNotice info status {status : "info"}

lifeTime and destroy

tinyNotice with default lifeTime [is 4 second default]
tinyNotice with 1 second lifeTime {lifeTime : 1000}
tinyNotice with unlimited lifeTime {lifeTime : 0}
destroy tinyNotice [for unlimited lifeTime or its expiration lifeTime has not yet] $.tinyNotice("destroy")


show default button for confirm mod {setConfirm:true}
show confirm button with custom topics {setConfirm:["ok,i'm ready","no,tanks"]}