jQuery Dalert Plugin Demos

DAlert - A LightWeight jQuery Plugin with easy usage like native JavaScript alert().

DAlert Simple Usage

Usage: dalert.alert("Hello, I am a DAlert!");

DAlert-Confirm Simple Usage

Usage: dalert.confirm("Do you want to confirm this DAlert?","yes","no");

Change the "yes" And "no" parameters as for the functions you want to run onclick of each yes and no events.


function yes(){dalert.alert("You Have Clicked yes");}

function no(){dalert.alert("You Have Clicked no");}

Alert Replacement

Replace native alert with DAlert : dalert.ReplaceAlert();


Simple Usage: alert("Hello, I am a Replaced Alert!");

Confirm Replacement

Replace native confirm with DAlert : dalert.ReplaceConfirm();


Simple Usage: confirm("Wanna replace native confirm?","yes","no");

Parameter Values And Usage

DAlert Parameters : (dalert_msg, title_msg, FontColor, bodyColor)


DAlert Confirm Parameters: (dalertConf_msg, trueFunction, falseFunction, title_msg, FontColor, bodyColor)