jQuery plugin: Easy List Splitter

jQuery plugin: Easy List Splitter - Version 1.0.2

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Create multiple lists from a single list ordering the items vertically

You can choose the number of lists you want to create. The plugin will order the list items vertically by default. In this first sample we've splitted our list into 3 lists:

In this second sample we've splitted the list in 4 lists:

Create multiple lists from a single list ordering the list items horizontally

To order your list items horizontally you just need to specify the parameter direction: 'horizontal' when you call the plugin. Here is the first sample that shows 5 lists:

  1. Lorem ipsum 1
  2. Donec pede 2
  3. Fringilla vel 3
  4. Eget arcu 4
  5. In enim 5
  6. Lorem farem 6
  7. Pede justo 7
  8. Vel aliquet 8
  9. Arcu eget 9
  10. Justo rhoncus 10
  11. Ipsum dolor 11
  12. Justo pedec 12
  13. Romanorum 13
  14. Bellum incipit 14
  15. Rosae rosarum 15

In this last sample we have 2 lists ordered horizontally:

Easy List Splitter Plugin preserves nested lists now!

The plugin will preserve any nested lists within the list you columnize:

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