jQuery handsontable-excel Example

This is a demo of the alteration I made to Handsontable to make it behave more like a spreadsheet with some math and we have some formula evaluation.

You need to include the file <script src="jquery.handsontable-excel.js"></script> in your document, after you have included 'Handsontable' itself, for this to work.

In order to enable this plugin, you can add 'useFormula: true' to default settings in your Handsontable. This rearanges things within Handsontable so that the default renderer (if nothing is set explicitly with either 'columns' or 'cells') is: 'Handsontable.ExecRenderer'. If you set the type to 'excel' in any cell, that enables you to have a formula (similar to excel or libreoffice/openoffice) for that cell even without enable the useFormula above. Note that this plugin is very beta at the moment. There are several issues with it (see below). The new renderer do the following:

Known issues:

When we use the wrong decimal separator (ie. other then '.'), even if we set other language definition in numerals.js, it looks like a number on screen, but is actually a string, which break formulas for example. Always use '.' as decimal separator.

When we copy a cell that contains a formula, that formula isn't modified to compensate for 'relative' cell-addressing. That is, all cell references, wether we use '$' or not, is always absolute.