jQuery Endless Div Scroll v1.0
Endless Scroll : Free jQuery Div scrolling plugin
Usage :

$(window).load(function () {
    $("#divID").endlessScroll({ width: '100%', height: '100px', steps: -2, speed: 40, mousestop: true });

Parameters :

width : Desired div's width.
height : Desired div's height.
steps : pixel step for the scrolling, also controls the direction, a negatif value (left), a positive value (right).
speed : animation speed, from 0 (quicker) to infinite (slower).
mousestop : if set to true the scrolling stops when the mouse is over the div.
Endless Div Scroll jQuery Plugin : this plugin will apply an infinite scroll effect to any div's content, including Text, Images, Divs, Anchors... You can apply a pause on mouse over, change directions, speed, steps ... 

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