jQuery Picasa Gallery Plugin Demo


<div class='picasagallery'></div>


$(document).ready( function() { $('.picasagallery').picasagallery( {username:'alan.hamlett'} ); } );

Default Options:

    username: '', // Your Picasa public username
    hide_albums: ['Profile Photos', 'Scrapbook Photos', 'Instant Upload', 'Photos from posts'], // hidden album names
    link_to_picasa: false, // true to display link to original album on Google Picasa
    thumbnail_width: '160', // width of album and photo thumbnails
    thumbnail_cropped: false, // use cropped format (square)
    title: 'Picasa Photo Gallery', // title shown above album list
    inline: false, // true to display photos inline instead of using the fancybox plugin