jQuery Sticky Plugin Examples

Plain note, all default options

$.sticky('I am a plain text note. Nothing special about me.');

Plain note, default options, html content

$.sticky('Greetings. I am an HTML note.');

Plain note, default options, custom callback function

$.sticky('I am a plain text note. I'll tell you good job!.', callback);

Overriding classList and speed

$.sticky('Upload complete', {classList: 'success', speed: 'slow'});

Opening a note top, center

$.sticky('Clever message', {position: 'top-center'});

Opening a note bottom, center

$.sticky('Clever message', {position: 'bottom-center'});

Overriding classList with warning class.

$.sticky('Careful, there be dragons ahead', {classList: 'warning'});

Overriding classList, making note stay open.

$.sticky('I give up, it just won't work.', {classList: 'important', autoclose: 0});

Overriding classList, allowing no duplicates.

$.sticky('I just wanted you to know', {classList: 'info', allowdupes: false});


As you can see above, a bit of JSON will be returned with some potentially pertinent information.