jQuery Tablesort Plugin Demos

If you want a table to be sortable use $([tablename]).tablesort()


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$(function () { $('.table-sort').tablesort(); });

To make a column sortable, add the class 'table-sort' to it's <th> tag. Or else it won't be sorted, like the Phone Number column.


<th class="table-sort">First Name</th>
First Name Last Name Email Phone Number
John Smith [email protected] (613) 873-2982
Sean MacIsaac [email protected] (613) 871-6191
Tim Zarby [email protected] (613) 743-5389
Andrew Nichols [email protected] (613) 741-3384
Ally O'Neil [email protected] (613) 642-9831

To make a table searchable, add the class 'table-sort-search' to the <table> tag.


<table class="table-sort table-sort-search"></table>

To make the search text input show the search match count, add the class 'table-sort-show-search-count' to the <table> tag.


<table class="table-sort table-sort-search table-sort-show-search-count"></table>