jQuery listnav Plugin Demos

The default configuration


This is the easiest way to use the plugin. None of the default options are overridden and a jQuery ID selector is used to bind the plugin to a single list.

Override defaults and binding to multiple lists

    includeAll: false,
    noMatchText: 'There are no matching entries.'

A jQuery class selector is used to bind to two lists. The includeAll default option is overridden, which causes the ALL link to be hidden and the first letter with matches to get pre-selected. The noMatchText default is overridden, providing a custom message for letters with no matching results.

Style your lists however you want!

    initLetter: 'c',
    includeNums: false

The initLetter option is set to letter 'c', which forces the list to load with that letter selected.

The 0-9 number navigation item is hidden by the includeNums:false option.

Using cookieName to save last click and utilizing an onClick callback

    cookieName: 'ln-demo5',
    onClick: function(letter) {

If you include the jquery.cookie js file in your page before the listnav js file, you can set the cookieName option to have the listnav control remember your user's last clicked navigation item (the cookie value will be 'all', '_' for numbers 0-9 or a lowercase letter 'a' - 'z'). You can also use the onClick callback to fire a custom function when a letter gets clicked. Click a letter to see the onClick function, then reload the page and come back to Demo 5 and you'll see that the list loads your last clicked letter (obtained from the cookie value).

You Just Clicked: ?

Using the includeOther and prefixes options

    includeOther: true,
    prefixes: ['a', 'The Complete Works of']

Use the includeOther option to show a [...] navigation item for access to list items that start with something other than A-Z and 0-9 (such as Ä and Ü). If you'd like something like "The Valley News" or "The Willows Journal" to appear under V and W as well as under T, supply an array of prefixes using the prefixes option.

You can also ignore multi word prefixes to titles with prefixes (EX: "J" & "S")

Note: prefixes will not iterate the "ALL" count twice.

Specify a filterSelector and removing links with removeDisabled

    filterSelector: '.last-name',
    includeNums: false,
    removeDisabled: true,
    allText: 'Complete Cast of Star Trek TNG'

Below you'll find a list of the Star Trek TNG Cast "generated" by a CMS. While you wanted to filter by last name it generated the first name fields first...

using filterSelector you can specify a css selector for your navigation to filter by! You can also remove letters that have no content by setting removeDisabled: true

In this demo, each LI contains a hidden div with class="last-name"
So setting filterSelector: '.last-name' lets us filter the list using that CSS selector.

NOTE: filterSelector will accept any valid CSS selector.

You can also set allText to a string to override the default text of "All."

  • Beverly Crusher


    Rank: Commander

    Date of Birth: Oct. 13, 2324

    Place of Birth: Copernicus City, Luna

  • Wesley Crusher


    Rank: Ensign

    Date of Birth: July 29, 2349

    Place of Birth: Earth

  • Data


    Rank: Lieutenant Commander

    Date of Birth: Feb. 2, 2338

    Place of Birth: Omicron Theta science colony

  • Geordi La Forge

    La Forge

    Rank: Commander

    Date of Birth: Feb. 16, 2335

    Place of Birth: African Confederation, Earth

  • Jean Luc Picard


    Rank: Captain

    Date of Birth: July 13, 2305

    Place of Birth: Labarre, France, Earth

  • William Riker


    Rank: Captain

    Date of Birth: August 19, 2335

    Place of Birth: Valdez, Alaska, Earth

  • Deanna Troi


    Rank: Commander

    Date of Birth: March 29, 2336 (Terran equivalent)

    Place of Birth: Near Lake El-Nar, Betazed

  • Worf


    Rank: Lieutenant Commander

    Date of Birth: December 9, 2340 (Terran equivalent)

    Place of Birth: Qo'noS, Klingon Empire