jQuery Chordly.js Examples

Type 'dog' (case insensitive) within this page and the console will bark at you. Note that form inputs are ignored for this event, so typing 'dog' will not trigger a bark

Ctrl + Q (case insensitive) will trigger a console write Shift + H (case sensitive) will trigger a console write

Greedy pattern matching: both "pig" or "pigs" may be defined to fire an event but triggering "pigs" will not trigger "pig"

A man and his duck

enter 'man' or 'duck' in either of these inputs and the console will respond accordingly (the event is attached to inputs within this div by class selector)

the event is attached to the green div, typing 'CAT' (case sensitive) within (when in focus via the inputs) will make the console meow at you

Pause document chordly
Resume document chordly
Toggle document chordly
destroy document chordly
push D O G
push D O G and act
unbind D O G