Multi-column Dropdown Select Examples

A nice and fancy multi-column dropdown select plugin built with jQuery and Bootstrap 5.

“Select a Language” demonstrates default behaviours.
  • Please note that option “theme” ( safe ) could be omitted as it is the default theme.
  • Changing the button “Select a Language” label text to bold programmatically to demonstrate that this plugin is chainable: it behaves correctly according to jQuery plugin guidelines.
“Select Your Tropical Fruit” demonstrates:
  • Using a different data list. That is, on the same page, different instances of this plugin are able to operate on different data lists.
  • Setting “theme” to “eyesore” -- which is the second CSS that comes with this plugin.
“Click to Select” -- this last one demonstrates what happen when “source” -- that is, the data list -- is set to null, this is also the default setting for option “source”.