Preset - Scroller

Example how this plugin can be used for displaying products on a company page or webshop.

Here's how it's done

<div id="rondellScroller">
  <a href="#" title="Dummy link to the cloud">
    <img src="images/products/cloud.png" alt="cloud product" class="no-scale">
    <h5>Your own cloud</h5>
    <p>Buy your own cloud to do some really complicated stuff very fast!</p>
  <a href="#" title="Dummy link to the router">
    <img src="images/products/router.png" alt="router product" class="no-scale">
    <h5>The new router</h5>
    <p>The router which can connect to anything without cables!</p>

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(function() {
    $("#rondellScroller > *").rondell({
      preset: 'scroller'