Simple Image Inner Zoom Plugin - jQuery Zoom

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Simple Image Inner Zoom Plugin - jQuery Zoom

jQuery Zoom is a simple and easy-to-use jQuery zoom plugin that enlarge your images on mouse over, grab, click or toggle. 

Basic Usage:

1. Include jQuery library and jQuery Zoom plugin on the webpage

<script src='jquery.min.js'></script>
<script src='jquery.zoom.js'></script>

2. Call the plugin and we're ready to go.


3. The Markup

<span class='zoom' id='ex1'> <img src='daisy.jpg' id='jack' width='555' height='320' alt='Daisy on the Ohoopee'/>

4. CSS (Only for the demo, not required for the plugin)

.zoom {
  display: inline-block;

5. Default options available.

// The url of the large photo to be displayed. 
// If no url is provided, zoom uses the src of the first child IMG element inside the element it is assigned to.url: false,
url: false,

// A function to call once the image has loaded. 
// The execution context of the callback will be set to the image element.
callback: false,

// A selector or DOM element that should be used as the parent container for the zoomed image.
target: false,

// The fadeIn/fadeOut speed of the large image.
duration: 120,

// The type of event that triggers zooming. 
// Choose from mouseover, grab, click, or toggle.
on: 'mouseover',

// enables a touch fallback
touch: true, 

// A function to be called when the image has zoomed in. 
// Inside the function, `this` references the image element.
onZoomIn: false,

// A function to be called when the image has zoomed out. 
// Inside the function, `this` references the image element.
onZoomOut: false,

// This value is multiplied against the full size of the zoomed image. 
// The default value is 1, meaning the zoomed image should be at 100% of it's natural width and height.
magnify: 1

Change logs:

v1.7.21 (2018-04-27)

  • Added alt attribute for images.

v1.7.20 - 2017/04/25

  • Replaced alt and aria-hidden with role attribute.

v1.7.19 - 2017/04/21

  • Added alt and aria-hidden attributes to the zoom layer img element.

v1.7.17 - 2016/09/08

  • Detect src using element.currentSrc before element.src, to support srcset.

v1.7.15 - 2015/02/09

  • Added touchend event

v1.7.14 - 2015/03/19

  • Fixes bug with passing the `target` property a selector, rather than a DOM node.
  • target option fix: replacing JS 'style' with jQuery 'css'

v1.7.13 - 2014/04/29

  • Destroy event does a better job of reseting back to the original state.

v1.7.12 - 2014/02/12

  • Set zoomed image's maxHeight to none, just in case a maxHeight has been defined for images in the CSS.

v1.7.11 - 2013/11/13

  • Added magnify property to allow scaling of the zoomed image.

v1.7.10 - 2013/10/16

  • Fixed bug relating to the size of the target element when using the target property.
  • Added simple fallback for touch events.

v1.7.7 - 2013/7/15

  • Fixed misnamed onZoomOut callback
  • Restricted grab to just the left-mouse-button on mousedown

v1.7.5 - 2013/6/19

  • Fixed a bug with absolutely or fixed position target elements
  • Set the value of this to be zoom-image element for the onZoomIn and onZoomOut callbacks

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by jackmoore. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.