Stylish Magnifying Glass Plugin - SergeLand Image Zoomer

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Stylish Magnifying Glass Plugin - SergeLand Image Zoomer

SergeLand Image Zoomer is a jQuery zoom on hover plugin for zooming images with stylish and smooth magnifying glass effects.


  • Custom image loader.
  • Custom cursor on hover.
  • Supports all major browsers and even IE8.
  • Smooth animations.
  • Inner zoom mode.
  • Mousewheel to zoom in/out.

More Examples:

How to use it:

1. To use this plugin, you first need to load the Zoomsl plugin's script after jQuery.

<script src="" 
<script src="zoomsl.min.js"></script>

2. Then attach the function imagezoomsl to the image. That's it.

<img src="product.jpg" alt="Image To Zoom" class="example">

3. You can also define the large version of the image in the data-large attribute.

<img src="product.jpg" data-large="full.jpg" alt="Image To Zoom" class="example">

4. Add informational text to the image.

<img src="product.jpg" data-large="full.jpg" data-title="Tooltip Title" data-help="help Text" data-text-bottom="Bottom Text" alt="Image To Zoom" class="example">

5. Display a loading indicator while loading the large image.


  // loading spinner
  loadinggif: 'loading.gif',

  // opacity
  loadopacity: 0.1,

  // background color
  loadbackground: '#878787'

6. Customize the magnifier effect.


  // shows the magnifying glass container
  cursorshade: true,

  // cursor type
  magnifycursor: 'crosshair',

  // background color of the magnifying glass container
  cursorshadecolor: '#fff', 

  // opacity of the magnifying glass container
  cursorshadeopacity: 0.3,

  // border styles
  cursorshadeborder: '1px solid black',

  // z-index property
  zindex: '', 

  // zoom step
  stepzoom: 0.5,

  // zoom range  
  zoomrange: [2, 2], 

  // start zoom level
  zoomstart: 2,

  // disables the scrolling of the document with the mouse wheel when the cursor is over the image
  disablewheel: true


7. Customize the informational text.


  showstatus: true,
  showstatustime: 2000,
  statusdivborder: '1px solid black',
  statusdivbackground: '#C0C0C0',
  statusdivpadding: '4px',
  statusdivfont: 'bold 13px Arial',
  statusdivopacity: 0.8,
  textdnbackground: '#fff',
  textdnpadding: '10px',
  textdnfont: '13px/20px cursive'


8. Config the animation.


  scrollspeedanimate: 5 , 
  zoomspeedanimate: 7,
  loopspeedanimate: 2.5,   
  magnifierspeedanimate: 350


9. Default CSS selectors.


  classmagnifier: "magnifier",
  classcursorshade: "cursorshade",
  classstatusdiv: "statusdiv",
  classtextdn: "textdn",
  classtracker: "tracker"


This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by mtvphnx. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.