Weekly Web Design & Development News: Collective #555

by jQueryScript,

A roundup of the latest and most popular development & design resources (Javascript & CSS libraries, Code snippets, Web Dev News & Resources, Curated AI Tools, Graphic Design Freebies, etc.)  from the past week (Week 22, 2024)

JavaScript & CSS

Firegraph: Create beautiful graphs in seconds. Plot github stars or your own csvs.

to-rotated: An array shifting JavaScript library to rotate an array of integers by a specified number of steps.

node-in-english: Node.js web server in plain English.

AvalynxLoader: A lightweight JavaScript library designed to provide a loading overlay for DOM elements.

Flare.js: A lightweight JavaScript library that lets you implement customizable cursor flare effects.


Min/Max Range Slider: A stylish custom range slider with tooltips and predefined scale, built using regular HTML range input, CSS/CSS3, and a bit of JavaScript.

Min/Max Range Slider

3D Tag Cloud: A creative, interactive tag cloud that evenly distributes all the specified tags/links onto the surface of a rotating 3D sphere.

3D Tag Cloud

Magic UI: 20+ free and open-source animated components built with React, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, and Framer Motion.

Image Gallery: An interactive image gallery that enables images to rotate manually or automatically in a 3D space.

Web Dev Tools & Resources

svg-gobbler: Open source browser extension for finding, processing, exporting, optimizing, and managing SVG content.

Fusion: A lightweight, self-hosted friendly RSS aggregator and reader.

Milvus: An open-source vector database that brings search to GenAI applications.

Nocodescraper: Seamlessly extract data from any website with just a few simple inputs. No coding necessary.

udm14: If you want to give people easy access to an AI-free Google search, send them to this page.

TrackerJam: TrackerJam analyzes your team's web browser activity, providing detailed insights into core time metrics and essential productivity reports.

GenerateRobotsTx: Generate the right robots.txt file for your project.

Worklenz: The only all-in-one open source solution that streamlines your agency's success with easy navigation.

Graphic Design Freebies

Drip: A liquid font with alternate letters that can be toggled via Caps Lock. Works best when used in large sizes and in a single line.


Luxe Icon Pack: A unique and elegant collection of icons that will surely refresh your interface. With over 450 high-quality icons, Luxe Icon Pack offers you a diverse and extensive selection to create a unique and professional interface.

Luxe Icon Pack

Extensive Button Styles Collection: A collection of extensive button styles made in the Figma app.

Extensive Button Styles Collection

Curated AI Tools

Blinky: An open-source AI debugging agent for VSCode.

Dataherald: Interact with your SQL database, Natural Language to SQL using LLMs.

OpinionStage: AI-Powered Quiz, Form & Survey Maker.

VisionGPT: An open-source AI tool for analyzing and understanding images quickly using the Gemini Pro Vision model.

SQLyze AI: Simplify SQL query generation with SQLyze AI. Express your data needs in plain language and let AI do the heavy lifting.

News & Articles

PostgreSQL 17 Beta 1 Released. Link

JFrog and GitHub team up to closely integrate their source code and binary platforms. Link

Best Practices For Naming Design Tokens, Components And Variables. Link