Weekly Web Design & Development News: Collective #556

by jQueryScript,

A roundup of the latest and most popular development & design resources (Javascript & CSS libraries, Code snippets, Web Dev News & Resources, Curated AI Tools, Graphic Design Freebies, etc.)  from the past week (Week 23, 2024).

JavaScript & CSS

Galaxy - A collection of over 3000 unique UI elements made with TaiwindCSS.

SmoothScroller - A tiny JavaScript library that replaces the native scroll events with a smooth scroll behavior.


Arcjet - Arcjet JS SDKs. Rate limiting, bot protection, email verification & attack defense for Node.js, Next.js, Bun & SvelteKit.

vavt-message - A toast notification component that can be used to display transient notifications to users in your web app without disrupting the user experience.


fetch-in-chunks - A utility for fetching large files in chunks with support for parallel downloads, progress tracking, and request abortion.

Seia - Lightweight SSR framework for React Server Components.

TraversyPress - Dashboard UI built with Next.js, TypeScript and Shadcn/ui.

react-subtle-nudge - A collection of animations to subtly nudge users to your React components.

Signals - A simple JavaScript signals implementation for learning purposes.

Eldora UI - A collection of re-usable components that you can copy and paste into your web apps.

Charm - An atomic state management library for React.

useConfirm - A custom React component to create minimal yet customizable confirm dialog boxes in your React apps.

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Developer Tools & Resources

Share Your Brewfiles - A tool to share your brewfiles with others.

Chrome Auto Image Blocker - A lightweight Chrome extension designed to improve your browsing experience by automatically blocking and toggling images on webpages based on a customizable schedule.

Responsive 404 Page Design: Responsive 404 Page Design Using HTML CSS And JavaScript.

Responsive 404 Page Design

Graphic Design Freebies

Abstract 3D Metallic Shapes - A collection of 28+ full-free 3D metallic abstract/geometric shapes and objects.

Abstract 3D Metallic Shapes

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Free AI Tools

CGDream - Generate high-quality AI images from text, images, and 3D models. Free and customizable!

TurboSeek - A powerful & open-source AI search engine that combines LLMs, web scraping, and the Bing API for secure and informative searches.

Docufai - A free AI tool that extracts insights from your documents. Ask questions, get summaries, and access information instantly.

Roast My Design - Get your website roasted! AI analyzes your design and gives brutally honest feedback.

Fontjoy - A fully free, AI-powered font pairing tool to generate the perfect font combinations that balance thematic consistency with pleasing contrast.

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