Creating A Responsive Flat Event Calendar with jQuery Kalendar Plugin

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Creating A Responsive Flat Event Calendar with jQuery Kalendar Plugin

Kalendar is jQuery plugin to create a responsive, flat styled and highly customizable event calendar that supports both multi-day events and your google calendar events.

How to use it:

1. Include the required jQuery kalendar's stylesheet file to make your event calendar responsive and flat styled.


<link href="kalendar.css" rel="stylesheet">

2. Create a container where you want to place the event calendar.

<div class="kalendar">

3. Include the jQuery javascript library and jQuery kalendar's script at the end of the page.

<script src=""></script>
<script src="kalendar.js"></script>

4. Call the plugin on the calendar container and add your own events in the javascript.


events: [
title: "Title of event",
start: {
date: YYYYMMDD or "YYYYMMDD",   // "20131230"
time: "HH.MM"   // "12.00"
end: {
date: YYYYMMDD or "YYYYMMDD",   // "20131230"
time: "HH.MM"   // "20.00"
location: "Location",   // "London"
url: "http://*.*",  // ""
color: "string" // "red" string containing reference to the eventcolorsobject
// Custom colorsets to set a specific color to an event. If one of the three variables isn’t set the inherit value will be used.
eventcolors: {
yellow: {
background: "#FC0", // Backgroundcolor, optional
text: "#000",   // Text color, optional
link: "#000"// Link color, optional

// Currently available colors are: red, blue, green, yellow. Red is the default.
color: "blue",

// Default is Monday, but any day of the week is applicable.
firstDayOfWeek: "Sunday",

// Google Calendar reference are objects, place inside of an array to support multiple calendars.
// If you are unsure how to get an API-key visit:
// If you are unsure how to get your calendar visit:
googleCal: [{
calendar: "calendarID",
apikey: "APIkey"
calendar: "calendarID",
apikey: "APIkey"

// Any name is possible, but note that not all names might fit in the UI

monthHuman: [["JAN","January"],["FEB","February"], etc... ],

// Regarding name lengths same applies here

dayHuman: [["S","Sunday"],["M","Monday"], etc... ],

// The text which represents links for events

urlText: "View on Web",

// Callbackevents will be fired when a certain criteria is met. The following are the currently supported events

onInitiated: function() {}, // After the kalendar have been fully initiated. E.g when everything is loaded
onGoogleParsed: function() {},  // After Google Calendar events, if they exist, have been parsed
onMonthChanged: function() {},  // After events passed to the plugin have been parsed
onDayShow: function() {},   // When a specific day have started to load. E.g when a day with an event attached to it is clicked
onGridShow: function() {},  // When the grid of days have started to load. E.g when a specific dayview have been cancelled
onDayClick: function(e) {}  // When a day gets clicked, no matter if it contains any event or not. Passed to this function is whether the dayis from this month or if it’s the current day. This can be accessed in the variable


This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by ericwenn. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.