Weekly Web Design & Development News: Collective #558

by jQueryScript,

A roundup of the latest and most popular development & design resources (Javascript & CSS libraries, Code snippets, Web Dev News & Resources, Curated AI Tools, Graphic Design Freebies, etc.)  from the past week (Week 25, 2024).

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JavaScript & CSS

htmd - An HTML to Markdown converter for Rust, inspired by turndown.js.

Masejs - A new way to write HTML entirely in your JavaScript. Live Demo


Edom.js - A JavaScript library that allows you to interact with the DOM easily. Live Demo


ZapLoad - A very lightweight (~2.9KB) JavaScript library for delaying the loading (also known as lazyload) of various src elements such as img, video, script, object, and iframe. Live Demo


Best Input Mask JavaScript Libraries - 10 Best Input Mask JavaScript Libraries In 2024

Cell - Event-driven DOM programming in a new style.

Glaze - The utility-based animation framework for the web.

Mode Watcher - Simple utilities to manage light & dark mode in your SvelteKit app.

Catena - A library for building type-safe Node.js APIs.

Chromora - A lightweight and fast color palette generator built using pure HTML, CSS & JS.


Responsive Burger Website - Responsive Burger Website Design Using HTML CSS And JavaScript.

Responsive Burger Website Design

Quickhull3d - A JS library to find the convex hull of a finite set of 3d points.


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Developer Tools & Resources

ludic - Web Development in Pure Python with Type-Guided Components.

Whobal - Generate Custom Gradients in Seconds.


Refero.design - Explore over 33,000 web pages and more than 32,000 iOS screens.

SQL Workbench - A in-browser SQL Workbench based on DuckDB WASM that can query remote CSV, JSON, Parquet and Arrow files, as well as uploaded local data files.

DS_Store-Viewer - View the contents of your .DS_Store files with ease.

Dynaui - 30+ animated components built with React, Tailwind CSS, and Framer Motion.

Gumroad Site - Build a website, powered by Gumroad. Sell your e-book, music, or art. Or just write a blog. It's free and easy to get started.

Graphic Design Freebies

Notion Avatar Maker - An online tool for making notion-style avatars.

NLS GALACTICA - A geometric display font perfect for headlines. Available in 3 styles: regular, bubble, and round. Free for both commercial and personal use.


Business Icons - A set of 35+ neon gradient business icons in PNG format.

Business Icons

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Curated AI Tools

Devv - A free AI search engine for developers. Chat with AI, search the web, and interact with GitHub repositories.

Genppt - Create professional and elegant PPTs on any topic with Genppt, a free multilingual AI presentation generator.

AI Signature Generator - Create personalized e-signatures for free with AI Signature Generator! Generate unique signatures in seconds and download them as PNG files.

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News & Articles

How React 19 (Almost) Made the Internet Slower. Link

What Are CSS Container Style Queries Good For. Link