Configurable Text Fader/Rotator In jQuery - PostillonTicker

Configurable Text Fader/Rotator In jQuery - PostillonTicker
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PostillonTicker is a jQuery news ticker plugin which makes it possible to rotate through text container with configurable fadeIn & fadeOut animations.

More features:

  • Fetches content from a JSON file through AJAX.
  • Custom display format.
  • Allows you to turn off the fade animations.
  • Lots of options, API methods and events.

How to use it:

1. Download and import the jquery.postillonTicker.js script into the document, after the latest jQuery JavaScript library.

<script src="/path/to/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/jquery.postillonTicker.js"></script>

2. Define your data (e.g. breaking news) in a JSON file.

  "tickers": [{
    "text": "Breaking News 1",
    "short": "BBC"
  }, {
    "text": "Breaking News 2",
    "short": "CNN"
  }, {
    "text": "Breaking News 3",
    "short": "Yahoo"
  }, {
    "text": "Breaking News 4",
    "short": "Google"
  }, {
    "text": "Breaking News 5",
    "short": "Fox"

3. Create a container in which you want to generate the news ticker.

<div id="ticker"></div>

4. Initialize the news ticker and specify the path to the JSON file.

  tickerUrl: "data.json"

5. Customize the animation speed.

  tickerUrl: "data.json",
  fadeInTime: 1000,
  fadeOutTime: 1000

6. Customize the display format.

  tickerUrl: "data.json",
  format: "+++ %s +++ (%s)"

7. Specify the time to wati before transitioning to the next news. Default: 15000.

  tickerUrl: "data.json",
  interval: 5000

8. Full plugin options with default values.

  autoStart: true,
  fadeInTime: 1000,
  fadeOutTime: 1000,
  format: "+++ %s +++ (%s)",
  instantStart: true,
  interval: 15000,
  showLinks: true,
  tickerUrl: "data.json",
  _paused: false,
  _tickerIdx: 0,
  _tickers: [],
  _timer: null,

9. API methods.

// returns the ticker object

// returns the option value

// returns the option object

// checks if is running

// merges options

// pauses the ticker

// restarts the ticker

// resumes the ticker

// updates options
$("#ticker").setSetting(name, value);

// sets options

// starts the ticker

// stops the ticker

// updates the ticker

10. Events.

$("#ticker").on('intervalChanged.postillonTicker', function(){
  // after interval changed

$("#ticker").on('paused.postillonTicker ', function(){
  // after paused

$("#ticker").on('resumed.postillonTicker', function(){
  // after resumed

$("#ticker").on('settingsChanged.postillonTicker', function(){
  // after options changed

$("#ticker").on('started.postillonTicker', function(){
  // after started

$("#ticker").on('starting.postillonTicker', function(){
  // when starting

$("#ticker").on('stopped.postillonTicker', function(){
  // after stopped

$("#ticker").on('stopping.postillonTicker', function(){
  // when stopping

$("#ticker").on('updated.postillonTicker', function(){
  // after updated

$("#ticker").on('updating.postillonTicker', function(){
  // when updating

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by krrico. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.