jQuery Plugin To Create A Tooltip On Any Html Element - Perfect Tooltip

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jQuery Plugin To Create A Tooltip On Any Html Element - Perfect Tooltip

Perfect Tooltip is a simple and smart jQuery tooltip plugin that creates a tooltip to any Html element with following features:

  • Only 1 html element (div)!
  • Creates a simple tooltip on any html element that matches the given selector (jQuery array)
  • It can either convert a "data-title" or a "title" attribute of the element or add a user-defined text
  • It is only added to the DOM when required (visible)
  • It will automatically adjust its position to stay on screen (unless forcePosition is true)
  • It can be set to the one of the 12 different positions relatively to the target
  • It can show up on mouse hover (default) or on click
  • It hides when you move mouse out of the target (default)
  • It can also stay on screen when you move mouse over the tooltip (to allow selecting its text)
  • It can show immediately or after a specified delay
  • It can have any html content (images, links, etc.)
  • When it converts the "title" attribute - whenever the attribute is changed - the tooltip is also updated
  • Fully customizable with CSS
  • It's jQuery chainable
  • It can be attached to the parent element (even body) and if selector is specified - it will work for elements that are added to the page dynamically (after the tooltip was called!)

Basic Usage:

1. Include the required stylesheet in the head of your page.

<link href="css/tooltip.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

2. Create an Html element where you want to append to a tooltip.

<div id="demo" title="Tooltip text">Hover me</div>

3. Initialize the plugin and convert "title" attribute to a tooltip


4. Default plugin options to customize the tooltip.

  • text: '', - tooltip text (can be html)
  • cls: '', - additional css class for the tooltip
  • position: 'default', - tooltip position in relation to the target (selector) it can be 1 of the following: 'auto' or 'default' (or not set) to auto calculate the position; tl, t, tr, bl, b, br, lt, l, lb, rt, r, rb - to force a particular position
  • forcePosition: false, - true to enforce the position even if tooltip goes out of the screen
  • animate: false, - animate fadeIn/Out, defaults to false (IE always false), it can be also an anim speed in milisec
  • trigger: 'hover', - show tooltip event listener [hover|click|manual], defaults to 'hover'
  • dontHideOnTooltipHover: false, - don't hide the tooltip when mouse is over it
  • selector: '' - if not empty - tooltip will be attached to the target but event will be filtered by this selector
  • showDelay: 200 - delay before showing the tooltip
  text: '',
  cls: '',
  position: 'default',
  forcePosition: false,
  animate: false,
  trigger: 'hover',
  showDelay: 200,
  dontHideOnTooltipHover: false,
  selector: ''



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This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by tborychowski. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.