Infinite Ajax Scroll Plugin In jQuery & Vanilla JS - ias.js

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Infinite Ajax Scroll Plugin In jQuery & Vanilla JS - ias.js

ias.js (Infinite Ajax Scroll) is a jQuery and pure (vanilla) JavaScript plugin that helps you create SEO-friendly, progressively enhanced infinite scrolling effect with ajax technique for loading more items of your page when scroll down. 

Note that the latest Infinite Ajax Scroll (v3.0+) has dropped the jQuery support. You can use it as a vanilla JavaScript library.

What is Infinite Scroll?

Infinite Scroll is an awesome and powerful effect that applied to many modern websites like pinterest, facebook, twitter and etc. It provides a basic mechanism for triggering more contents to be loaded when the bottom of the page is reached.

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Table Of Contents:

How to use it (v3.x, Vanilla JS version):

1. Install and import the Infinite Ajax Scroll.

$ npm install @webcreate/infinite-ajax-scroll --save
import InfiniteAjaxScroll from '@webcreate/infinite-ajax-scroll';

2. Or load the UMD version of the Infinite Ajax Scroll library from a CDN.

<script src=""></script>
<!-- OR -->
<script src=""></script>

3. The HTML for the infinite scroll view.

<div class="container">
  <div class="item">...</div>
  <div class="item">...</div>
  <div class="item">...</div>

<div class="pagination">
  <a href="page2.html" class="next">Next</a>

4. Initialize the Infinite Ajax Scroll and done.

let ias = new InfiniteAjaxScroll('.container', {
    item: '.item',
    next: '.next',
    pagination: '.pagination'

5. All possible options.

let ias = new InfiniteAjaxScroll('.container', {

    // item selector
    item: '.item',

    // selector of the next link
    next: '.next',

    // pagination selector
    pagination: '.pagination',

    // or 'JSON'
    responseType: 'document',

    // by default the plugin binds Infinite Ajax Scroll to scroll and resize events
    // set the option to false and bind your own events using the bind() method
    bind: true,

    // selector of scrollable container
    scrollContainer: window,

    // config the loading spinner
    // string|Object|boolean
    spinner: false,

    // event logger
    // Object|boolean
    logger: true,

    // auto loads content on scroll
    loadOnScroll: true,

    // by default Infinite Ajax Scroll starts loading new items when the user scrolls to the bottom of the last item. 
    // the negativeMargin (in pixels) will be subtracted from the items' offset, allowing you to load new pages sooner.
    negativeMargin: 0,

    // configure a trigger
    // string|Element|Object|boolean
    trigger: false,

    // when enabled, and the content is shorter than the scroll container, Infinite Ajax Scroll will load the next page(s) until the content is taller than the scroll container. 
    // when disabled the responsibility to load the next page is in the hands of the developer. This can be done by calling next manually.
    prefill: true,

6. API methods.

// bind/unbind events

// load next page manually;

// load an URL and return a promise

// append an array of element to the parent
ias.append(items, parent);

// disable/enable load on scroll

7. Event handlers.

ias.on('ready', function(e){
  // do something

ias.on('binded', function(e){
  // do something

ias.on('unbinded', function(e){
  // do something

ias.on('scrolled', function(e){
  // props: 
  // scroll.y: Current vertical scroll position from the top of the page (can be negative)
  // scroll.x: Current horizontal scroll position from the left of the page (can be negative)
  // scroll.deltaY: Delta between current vertical scroll position and previous position
  // scroll.deltaX: Delta between current horizontal scroll position and previous position

ias.on('resized', function(e){
  // props: 
  // scroll: Object with x y coord of the current scroll position

ias.on('hit', function(e){
  // props: 
  // distance: The distance to the scroll threshold in pixels

ias.on('next', function(e){
  // props: 
  // pageIndex: The page index of the next page (the page that is about to be loaded)

ias.on('nexted', function(e){
  // props: 
  // pageIndex: The page index of the next page (the page that is about to be loaded)

ias.on('load', function(e){
  // props: 
  // url: The url that is about to be requested
  // xhr: The configured XMLHttpRequest that is going to be used

ias.on('loaded', function(e){
  // props: 
  // items: Array of items that have loaded and will be appended. These items match the selector given in the next option
  // url: The url that is about to be requested
  // xhr: The configured XMLHttpRequest that is going to be used

ias.on('error', function(e){
  // props: 
  // url: The url that is about to be requested
  // method: The method used to fetch the url ("GET", "POST", etc)
  // xhr: The configured XMLHttpRequest that is going to be used

ias.on('append', function(e){
  // props: 
  // items: Array of items that will be appended
  // parent: The element to which the items will be appended
  // appendFn: Function used to append items to the container

ias.on('appended', function(e){
  // props: 
  // items: Array of items that have been appended
  // parent: The element to which the items have been appended

ias.on('last', function(e){
  // do something

ias.on('page', function(e){
  // props: 
  // pageIndex: The page index of the current page
  // url: Url of the page
  // title: Title of the page
  // sentinel: Sentinel element. Element used to determine on which page the user is

ias.on('prefill', function(e){
  // do something

ias.on('prefilled', function(e){
  // do something

How to use it (v2.x, jQuery version):

1. Add the latest jQuery library and ias.js script to your head section of the page.

<script src="/path/to/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/jquery-ias.min.js"></script>

2. Create list items and a navigation link with the CSS class of 'next' as follows:

<div id="content">
  <div class="listing">
    <div class="post"> <strong>Item 1</strong>
    <div class="post"> <strong>Item 2</strong>
  <div class="navigation">
      <li class="next-posts">
        <a href="page2.html" class="next">2</a>

3. Initialize the plugin on document ready and done.

$(document).ready(function() {
    item: '.post',
    container: '.listing',
    next: '.next',
    pagination: '.navigation'

4. Available extensions:

  • History: Allows to back to the previous page.
  • None Left: Custom content when there's no result.
  • Paging: Triggers an event on page change.
  • Spinner: Custom loading spinner.
  • Trigger: Custom trigger element to load more content.
var ias = jQuery.ias();

// trigger extension
ias.extension(new IASTriggerExtension({
  text: 'Load more items'

// paging extension
jQuery.ias().extension(new IASPagingExtension());
jQuery.ias().on('pageChange', function(pageNum, scrollOffset, url) {
    "Welcome at page " + pageNum + ", " +
    "the original url of this page would be: " + url

// None Left extension
ias.extension(new IASNoneLeftExtension({
  text: 'You reached the end.', // optionally

// history extension
ias.extension(new IASTriggerExtension({
  prev: '.previous'
jQuery.ias().prev(); // loads the previous page

// spinner extension
ias.extension(new IASSpinnerExtension({
  src: 'spinner.gif' // optionally

5. All plugin options to customize the infinite scroll effect.


  // item selector
  item: '.item',

  // container selector
  container: '.listing',

  // navigation selector
  next: '.next',

  // specifies the pagination control
  pagination: false,

  // delay in ms
  delay: 600,

  // the offset to trigger the infinite scroll
  negativeMargin: 10,

  // initializes the plugin on document ready
  initialize: true

6. API methods.

jQuery.ias().on('eventName', function(){});
jQuery.ias().off('eventName', function(){});
jQuery.ias().one('eventName', function(){});

7. Event handlers.

var ias = jQuery.ias();

ias.on('scroll', function(scrollOffset, scrollThreshold) {
  // on scroll

ias.on('load', function(event) {
  // do something

ias.on('loaded', function(data, items) {
  // do something

ias.on('render', function(items) {
  // before rendering

ias.on('rendered', function(items) {
  // after rendered

ias.on('noneLeft', function() {
  // when reaching the bottom

ias.on('next', function(url) {
  // when the next page should be loaded


v3.1.0 (2023-04-10)

  • Added prev option
  • Added prev event
  • Added preved event
  • Added top event
  • Added first event
  • Added prepend event
  • Added prepended event

v3.0.1 (2022-09-14)

  • Fixed prefill not filling past the scroll threshold

v3.0.0beta 5 (2019-12-13)

  • Fixed scope issues when using two or more instances on a single page

v3.0.0beta 4 (2019-07-14)

v2.3.2 (2018-06-05)

  • Update

v2.2.3 (2018-03-15)

  • Improved documentation
  • Fix: Cannot read property 'Deferred' of undefined (in jQuery noConflict mode) 
  • Small tweaks

v2.2.2 (2017-06-23)

  • Fix: render callback is not executed when using a custom render function 
  • Fix: unpredictable behaviour when multiple instances used the same selectors for sub-elements
  • Stop ajax responder if instance was destroyed or reinitialized
  • Code tweaks

v2.2.1 (2016-06-16)

  • Fix: prevent multiple initialisations causing duplicate items
  • Fix scoping bug in container getter
  • Stop ajax responder if instance was destroyed or reinitialized

v2.2.0 (2015-01-16)

  • Improved documentation on delay and negativeMargin options
  • Added FAQ to support documentation
  • Added Wordpress cookbook
  • Fix: Maintain history state object when changing pages (longzheng)
  • Fix: no longer caching $itemsContainer (fixes #153)
  • Fix: really destroy instance on destroy method (fixes #160)
  • Fix: Replaced deprecated size() with .length (fixes #162)
  • Fix: Reworked binding and unbinding (fixes various issues with unbinding)
  • Fix: Bail out when device doesn't support onScroll event (like Opera Mini) (fixes #146 by fflewddur)
  • Added reinitialize method

v2.1.3 (2014-10-03)

  • Improve compatibility support when Prototype is used along with jQuery

v2.1.1 (2014-05-14)

  • Changed argument of load event from url to event object
  • Fixed prev() return value

v2.1.0 (2014-02-23)

  • Added History extension
  • Added ready event
  • Added loaded event (load is now triggered before loading starts)
  • Added rendered event (render is now triggered before rendering starts)
  • Added priority to callbacks
  • Added initialize call for extensions
  • Added one method

v2.0.0 (2014-02-01)

  • Completely rewritten
  • Extensible through extensions
  • Extensible through events
  • Added an extensive test suite

v1.1.0 (2014-01-29)

  • Typo and spelling fixes (threshold)
  • Added customTriggerProc
  • Fixed triggerPageThreshold when zero
  • Added onScroll event
  • Improved compatibility with jQuery 1.4
  • Fixed noneLeft

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by webcreate. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.