Animated Emoji Picker Plugin With jQuery - mb.emoticons

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Animated Emoji Picker Plugin With jQuery - mb.emoticons

The mb.emoticons jQuery plugin appends an emoji picker to the textarea element that allows to convert Emoji keywords to animated GIFs.

How to use it:

1. Download and insert the JavaScript file jquery.mb.emoticons.js after jQuery library.

<script src=""></script>
<script src="inc/jquery.mb.emoticons.js"></script>

2. Initialize the emoji picker on the target textarea and done.

<textarea id="ta" class="ta"></textarea>



3. To render the emoji strings as animated GIFs.

<div id="render" style="display:none"></div>

4. Options and defaults.

  smiles: {
    "(angel)":      "angel",
    " :@":          "angry",
    "(bandit)":     "bandit",
    "(bear)":       "bear",
    "(beer)":       "beer",
    " :D":          "bigsmile",
    "(bow)":        "bow",
    "(u)":          "brokenheart",
    "(bug)":        "bug",
    "(^)":          "cake",
    "(call)":       "call",
    "(cash)":       "cash",
    "(clap)":       "clapping",
    "(coffee)":     "coffee",
    " 8-)":         "cool",
    " ;(":          "crying",
    "(dance)":      "dance",
    "(devil)":      "devil",
    "(doh)":        "doh",
    "(drink)":      "drink",
    "(drunk)":      "drunk",
    "(dull)":       "dull",
    "(blush)":      "eblush",
    "(emo)":        "emo",
    "(envy)":       "envy",
    " ]:)":         "evilgrin",
    "(F)":          "flower",
    "(fubar)":      "fubar",
    "(giggle)":     "giggle",
    "(handshake)":  "handshake",
    "(happy)":      "happy",
    "(headbang)":   "headbang",
    "(heart)":      "heart",
    "(heidy)":      "heidy",
    "(hi)":         "hi",
    "(inlove)":     "inlove",
    "(wasntme)":    "itwasntme",
    "(kiss)":       "kiss",
    " :x":          "lipssealed",
    "(mail)":       "mail",
    "(makeup)":     "makeup",
    "(finger)":     "middlefinger",
    "(mmm)":        "mmm",
    "(mooning)":    "mooning",
    "(~)":          "movie",
    "(muscle)":     "muscle",
    "(music)":      "music",
    "(myspace)":    "myspace",
    " 8-|":         "nerd",
    "(ninja)":      "ninja",
    "(no)":         "no",
    "(nod)":        "nod",
    "(party)":      "party",
    "(phone)":      "phone",
    "(pizza)":      "pizza",
    "(poolparty)":  "poolparty",
    "(puke)":       "puke",
    "(punch)":      "punch",
    "(rain)":       "rain",
    "(rock)":       "rock",
    "(rofl)":       "rofl",
    " :(":          "sadsmile",
    "(shake)":      "shake",
    "(skype)":      "skype",
    " |-)":         "sleepy",
    "(smile)":      "smile",
    "(smirk)":      "smirk",
    "(smoke)":      "smoke",
    " :|":          "speechless",
    "(*)":          "star",
    "(sun)":        "sun",
    " :O":          "surprised",
    "(swear)":      "swear",
    "(sweat)":   "sweating",
    "(talk)":       "talking",
    "(think)":      "thinking",
    "(o)":          "time",
    "(tmi)":        "tmi",
    "(toivo)":      "toivo",
    " :P":          "tongueout",
    "(wait)":       "wait",
    "(whew)":       "whew",
    "(wink)":       "wink",
    " :^)":         "wondering",
    " :S":          "worried",
    "(yawn)":       "yawn",
    "(yes)":        "yes"
  smilesVariations: {
    ":-)": "smile",
    ":)": "smile"

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This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by pupunzi. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.