Responsive jQuery Lightbox With Amazing CSS3 Effects - Fancy Box 3

Responsive jQuery Lightbox With Amazing CSS3 Effects - Fancy Box 3
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Fancy Box 3 is a jQuery lightbox plugin that is completely rewritten from Fancybox, a Mac Style lightbox plugin, with new features and updated graphics. Licensed under the GPLv3 license for all open source applications.


  • Responsive design
  • Integrated slideshow
  • Amazing CSS3 effects: shadows, round corners, atransitions, etc
  • A lot of options to customize your lightbox
  • Supports mousewheel and keyboard navigation
  • Supports almost all the html elements: DIV, text, swf, Ajax content, iframe,etc, not only images.
  • Cross-browser. Support all major browsers such as IE7/8/9/10, Chrome, firefox, safari, opera, etc.

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Basic Usage:

1. Include necessary javascript files on the web page

<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="../source/jquery.fancybox.js"></script>

2. Include jQuery mousewheel plugin for mouse wheel support (optional)

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.mousewheel.js"></script>

3. Create a group of images

<a class="fancybox" href="1_b.jpg" data-fancybox-group="gallery" title=""><img src="1_s.jpg" alt="" /></a> 
<a class="fancybox" href="2_b.jpg" data-fancybox-group="gallery" title=""><img src="2_s.jpg" alt="" /></a> 
<a class="fancybox" href="3_b.jpg" data-fancybox-group="gallery" title=""><img src="3_s.jpg" alt="" /></a> 
<a class="fancybox" href="4_b.jpg" data-fancybox-group="gallery" title=""><img src="4_s.jpg" alt="" /></a> 

4. Call the plugin and you'll be done.

$(document).ready(function() {



5. All default options and callback functions.

// Enable infinite gallery navigation
loop: false,

// Horizontal space between slides
gutter: 50,

// Enable keyboard navigation
keyboard: true,

// Should display navigation arrows at the screen edges
arrows: true,

// Should display counter at the top left corner
infobar: true,

// Should display close button (using `btnTpl.smallBtn` template) over the content
// Can be true, false, "auto"
// If "auto" - will be automatically enabled for "html", "inline" or "ajax" items
smallBtn: "auto",

// Should display toolbar (buttons at the top)
// Can be true, false, "auto"
// If "auto" - will be automatically hidden if "smallBtn" is enabled
toolbar: "auto",

// What buttons should appear in the top right corner.
// Buttons will be created using templates from `btnTpl` option
// and they will be placed into toolbar (class="fancybox-toolbar"` element)
buttons: [

// Detect "idle" time in seconds
idleTime: 3,

// Disable right-click and use simple image protection for images
protect: false,

// Shortcut to make content "modal" - disable keyboard navigtion, hide buttons, etc
modal: false,

image: {
  // Wait for images to load before displaying
  //   true  - wait for image to load and then display;
  //   false - display thumbnail and load the full-sized image over top,
  //           requires predefined image dimensions (`data-width` and `data-height` attributes)
  preload: false

ajax: {
  // Object containing settings for ajax request
  settings: {
    // This helps to indicate that request comes from the modal
    // Feel free to change naming
    data: {
      fancybox: true

iframe: {
  // Iframe template
    '<iframe id="fancybox-frame{rnd}" name="fancybox-frame{rnd}" class="fancybox-iframe" frameborder="0" vspace="0" hspace="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen allowtransparency="true" src=""></iframe>',

  // Preload iframe before displaying it
  // This allows to calculate iframe content width and height
  // (note: Due to "Same Origin Policy", you can't get cross domain data).
  preload: true,

  // Custom CSS styling for iframe wrapping element
  // You can use this to set custom iframe dimensions
  css: {},

  // Iframe tag attributes
  attr: {
    scrolling: "auto"

// Default content type if cannot be detected automatically
defaultType: "image",

// Open/close animation type
// Possible values:
//   false            - disable
//   "zoom"           - zoom images from/to thumbnail
//   "fade"
//   "zoom-in-out"
animationEffect: "zoom",

// Duration in ms for open/close animation
animationDuration: 366,

// Should image change opacity while zooming
// If opacity is "auto", then opacity will be changed if image and thumbnail have different aspect ratios
zoomOpacity: "auto",

// Transition effect between slides
// Possible values:
//   false            - disable
//   "fade'
//   "slide'
//   "circular'
//   "tube'
//   "zoom-in-out'
//   "rotate'
transitionEffect: "fade",

// Duration in ms for transition animation
transitionDuration: 366,

// Custom CSS class for slide element
slideClass: "",

// Custom CSS class for layout
baseClass: "",

// Base template for layout
  '<div class="fancybox-container" role="dialog" tabindex="-1">' +
  '<div class="fancybox-bg"></div>' +
  '<div class="fancybox-inner">' +
  '<div class="fancybox-infobar">' +
  "<span data-fancybox-index></span>&nbsp;/&nbsp;<span data-fancybox-count></span>" +
  "</div>" +
  '<div class="fancybox-toolbar">{{buttons}}</div>' +
  '<div class="fancybox-navigation">{{arrows}}</div>' +
  '<div class="fancybox-stage"></div>' +
  '<div class="fancybox-caption"></div>' +
  "</div>" +

// Loading indicator template
spinnerTpl: '<div class="fancybox-loading"></div>',

// Error message template
errorTpl: '<div class="fancybox-error"><p>{{ERROR}}</p></div>',

btnTpl: {
    '<a download data-fancybox-download class="fancybox-button fancybox-button--download" title="{{DOWNLOAD}}" href="javascript:;">' +
    '<svg viewBox="0 0 40 40">' +
    '<path d="M13,16 L20,23 L27,16 M20,7 L20,23 M10,24 L10,28 L30,28 L30,24" />' +
    "</svg>" +

    '<button data-fancybox-zoom class="fancybox-button fancybox-button--zoom" title="{{ZOOM}}">' +
    '<svg viewBox="0 0 40 40">' +
    '<path d="M18,17 m-8,0 a8,8 0 1,0 16,0 a8,8 0 1,0 -16,0 M24,22 L31,29" />' +
    "</svg>" +

    '<button data-fancybox-close class="fancybox-button fancybox-button--close" title="{{CLOSE}}">' +
    '<svg viewBox="0 0 40 40">' +
    '<path d="M10,10 L30,30 M30,10 L10,30" />' +
    "</svg>" +

  // This small close button will be appended to your html/inline/ajax content by default,
  // if "smallBtn" option is not set to false
    '<button data-fancybox-close class="fancybox-close-small" title="{{CLOSE}}"><svg viewBox="0 0 32 32"><path d="M10,10 L22,22 M22,10 L10,22"></path></svg></button>',

  // Arrows
    '<a data-fancybox-prev class="fancybox-button fancybox-button--arrow_left" title="{{PREV}}" href="javascript:;">' +
    '<svg viewBox="0 0 40 40">' +
    '<path d="M18,12 L10,20 L18,28 M10,20 L30,20"></path>' +
    "</svg>" +

    '<a data-fancybox-next class="fancybox-button fancybox-button--arrow_right" title="{{NEXT}}" href="javascript:;">' +
    '<svg viewBox="0 0 40 40">' +
    '<path d="M10,20 L30,20 M22,12 L30,20 L22,28"></path>' +
    "</svg>" +

// Container is injected into this element
parentEl: "body",

// Focus handling
// ==============

// Try to focus on the first focusable element after opening
autoFocus: false,

// Put focus back to active element after closing
backFocus: true,

// Do not let user to focus on element outside modal content
trapFocus: true,

// Module specific options
// =======================

fullScreen: {
  autoStart: false

// Set `touch: false` to disable dragging/swiping
touch: {
  vertical: true, // Allow to drag content vertically
  momentum: true // Continue movement after releasing mouse/touch when panning

// Hash value when initializing manually,
// set `false` to disable hash change
hash: null,

// Customize or add new media types
// Example:
    media : {
        youtube : {
            params : {
                autoplay : 0
media: {},

slideShow: {
  autoStart: false,
  speed: 4000

thumbs: {
  autoStart: false, // Display thumbnails on opening
  hideOnClose: true, // Hide thumbnail grid when closing animation starts
  parentEl: ".fancybox-container", // Container is injected into this element
  axis: "y" // Vertical (y) or horizontal (x) scrolling

// Use mousewheel to navigate gallery
// If 'auto' - enabled for images only
wheel: "auto",

// Callbacks

// See Documentation/API/Events for more information
// Example:
afterShow: function( instance, current ) { 'Clicked element:' ); current.opts.$orig );

onInit: $.noop, // When instance has been initialized

beforeLoad: $.noop, // Before the content of a slide is being loaded
afterLoad: $.noop, // When the content of a slide is done loading

beforeShow: $.noop, // Before open animation starts
afterShow: $.noop, // When content is done loading and animating

beforeClose: $.noop, // Before the instance attempts to close. Return false to cancel the close.
afterClose: $.noop, // After instance has been closed

onActivate: $.noop, // When instance is brought to front
onDeactivate: $.noop, // When other instance has been activated

// Interaction
// ===========

// Use options below to customize taken action when user clicks or double clicks on the fancyBox area,
// each option can be string or method that returns value.
// Possible values:
//   "close"           - close instance
//   "next"            - move to next gallery item
//   "nextOrClose"     - move to next gallery item or close if gallery has only one item
//   "toggleControls"  - show/hide controls
//   "zoom"            - zoom image (if loaded)
//   false             - do nothing

// Clicked on the content
clickContent: function(current, event) {
  return current.type === "image" ? "zoom" : false;

// Clicked on the slide
clickSlide: "close",

// Clicked on the background (backdrop) element;
// if you have not changed the layout, then most likely you need to use `clickSlide` option
clickOutside: "close",

// Same as previous two, but for double click
dblclickContent: false,
dblclickSlide: false,
dblclickOutside: false,

// Custom options when mobile device is detected
// =============================================

mobile: {
  idleTime: false,
  clickContent: function(current, event) {
    return current.type === "image" ? "toggleControls" : false;
  clickSlide: function(current, event) {
    return current.type === "image" ? "toggleControls" : "close";
  dblclickContent: function(current, event) {
    return current.type === "image" ? "zoom" : false;
  dblclickSlide: function(current, event) {
    return current.type === "image" ? "zoom" : false;

// Internationalization
// ====================

lang: "en",
i18n: {
  en: {
    CLOSE: "Close",
    NEXT: "Next",
    PREV: "Previous",
    ERROR: "The requested content cannot be loaded. <br/> Please try again later.",
    PLAY_START: "Start slideshow",
    PLAY_STOP: "Pause slideshow",
    FULL_SCREEN: "Full screen",
    THUMBS: "Thumbnails",
    DOWNLOAD: "Download",
    SHARE: "Share",
    ZOOM: "Zoom"
  de: {
    CLOSE: "Schliessen",
    NEXT: "Weiter",
    PREV: "Zurück",
    ERROR: "Die angeforderten Daten konnten nicht geladen werden. <br/> Bitte versuchen Sie es später nochmal.",
    PLAY_START: "Diaschau starten",
    PLAY_STOP: "Diaschau beenden",
    FULL_SCREEN: "Vollbild",
    THUMBS: "Vorschaubilder",
    DOWNLOAD: "Herunterladen",
    SHARE: "Teilen",
    ZOOM: "Maßstab"

Change logs:


  • Fixed body jumps 1px


  • Removed iOS hack related to input focus


  • Fixed: Cannot read property 'ownerDocument' of undefined


  • New option to customize share URL


  • v3.3.0


  • v3.2.10: Added: Basic HTML5 video support


  • v3.2.9: update


  • v3.2.8: Improved double-tap event handing; added "wheel" option;


  • v3.2.7: Add basic mouse scroll wheel support


  • v3.2.5: Improve zoom animation


  • v3.2.4: Some code tweaks


  • v3.2.3: Horizontal scrolling for thumbs; updated Share module design


  • v3.2.2: Fixed Thumbnails image are blurred and cropped; new zoom button


  • New `Share` module; Some layout/CSS changes; bugfixes


  • Bugfix


  • Collection of tweaks


  • Fix rounding; sometimes image zoomed from 2nd click
  • Supports Google Maps search links


  • Fixed: backFocus option was not working


  • Change all animations to CSS transitions; bugfixes + code tweaks


  • It is now possible start in full-screen


  • Reorganize hash module to allow disabling it


  • Make hash work using jQuery prior v3


  • Tweak hash module to allow specialchars


  • Hash module; improve displaying html content on mobile
  • Make "hash" work when using manually


  • Improve swiping a bit


  • "beforeClose" callback now can be used to prevent closing


  • Fix typo that broke focusing on the first focusable element
  • Removed scrolling page to original place after closing modal


  • Quick for issues if "speed:0"


  • Stop slideshow on click event

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by fancyapps. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.