TagCanvas - HTML5 Tag Cloud with Jquery

TagCanvas - HTML5 Tag Cloud with Jquery
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License: MIT

TagCanvas is a jQuery Plugin for creating a HTML5 canvas based tag cloud with tons of customization options.


z1: 20000,
z2: 20000,
z0: 0.0002,
freezeActive: false,
freezeDecel: false,
activeCursor: 'pointer',
pulsateTo: 1,
pulsateTime: 3,
reverse: false,
depth: 0.5,
maxSpeed: 0.05,
minSpeed: 0,
decel: 0.95,
interval: 20,
minBrightness: 0.1,
maxBrightness: 1,
outlineColour: '#ffff99',
outlineThickness: 2,
outlineOffset: 5,
outlineMethod: 'outline',
outlineRadius: 0,
textColour: '#ff99ff',
textHeight: 15,
textFont: 'Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif',
shadow: '#000',
shadowBlur: 0,
shadowOffset: [0,0],
initial: null,
hideTags: true,
zoom: 1,
weight: false,
weightMode: 'size',
weightFrom: null,
weightSize: 1,
weightSizeMin: null,
weightSizeMax: null,
weightGradient: {0:'#f00', 0.33:'#ff0', 0.66:'#0f0', 1:'#00f'},
txtOpt: true,
txtScale: 2,
frontSelect: false,
wheelZoom: true,
zoomMin: 0.3,
zoomMax: 3,
zoomStep: 0.05,
shape: 'sphere',
lock: null,
tooltip: null,
tooltipDelay: 300,
tooltipClass: 'tctooltip',
radiusX: 1,
radiusY: 1,
radiusZ: 1,
stretchX: 1,
stretchY: 1,
offsetX: 0,
offsetY: 0,
shuffleTags: false,
noSelect: false,
noMouse: false,
imageScale: 1,
paused: false,
dragControl: false,
dragThreshold: 4,
centreFunc: Nop,
splitWidth: 0,
animTiming: 'Smooth',
clickToFront: false,
fadeIn: 0,
padding: 0,
bgColour: null,
bgRadius: 0,
bgOutline: null,
bgOutlineThickness: 0

Change log:

v2.9.0 (2016-03-02)

v2.5.0 (2014-07-04)

  • Update.

v2.4.0 (2014-05-28)

  • added tag background options.

v2.2.0 (2013-07-08)

  • Added TagToFront, RotateTag functions, clickToFront, animTiming and fadeIn options.

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by goat1000. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.