Exporting Html Tables To CSV/XLS/XLSX/Text - jQuery TableExport

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Exporting Html Tables To CSV/XLS/XLSX/Text - jQuery TableExport

Just another jQuery plugin that allows exporting html tables to XML spreadsheet (XLSX), Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XLS), tabular data (CSV) and plain text.

Licensed under the Apache-2.0.


$ npm install tableexport

# Bower
$ bower install tableexport

How to use it:

1. Load the jQuery TableExport plugin and other required resources in the html page.

<link href="tableexport.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="//code.jquery.com/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="FileSaver.min.js"></script>
<script src="tableexport.js"></script>

2. Load the following JavaScript libraries for old browsers:

<script src="Blob.min.js"></script>
<script src="xls.core.min.js"></script>

3. Call the function on your html table and the plugin will do the rest.


4. Possible options to customize the table export plugin.


  // Displays table headers (th or td elements) in the <thead>
  headers: true,                    

  // Displays table footers (th or td elements) in the <tfoot>    
  footers: true, 

  // Filetype(s) for the export
  formats: ["xls", "csv", "txt"],           

  // Filename for the downloaded file
  fileName: "id",                         

  // Style buttons using bootstrap framework  
  bootstrap: false,

  // Automatically generates the built-in export buttons for each of the specified formats   
  exportButtons: true,                          

  // Position of the caption element relative to table
  position: "bottom",                   

  // (Number, Number[]), Row indices to exclude from the exported file(s)
  ignoreRows: null,                             

  // (Number, Number[]), column indices to exclude from the exported file(s)              
  ignoreCols: null,                   

  // Removes all leading/trailing newlines, spaces, and tabs from cell text in the exported file(s)     
  trimWhitespace: false,

  // (Boolean), set direction of the worksheet to right-to-left (default: false)
  RTL: false, 

  // (id, String), sheet name for the exported spreadsheet, (default: 'id') 
  sheetname: "id" 


5. You're also allowed to override the global settings as these:

// Character set (character encoding) of the HTML.
$.fn.tableExport.charset = "charset=utf-8";

// Filename fallback for exported files.
$.fn.tableExport.defaultFileName = "myDownload";

// Class applied to each export button element.
$.fn.tableExport.defaultButton = "button-default";

// Bootstrap configuration classes ["base", "theme", "container"].
$.fn.tableExport.bootstrap = ["btn", "btn-default", "btn-toolbar"];

// Row delimeter.
$.fn.tableExport.rowDel = "\r\n";

// HTML entity mapping for special characters.
$.fn.tableExport.entityMap = {"&": "&#38;", "<": "&#60;", ">": "&#62;", "'": '&#39;', "/": '&#47;'};

6. Default configurations for files:

* XLSX (Open XML spreadsheet) file extension configuration
* @memberof TableExport.prototype
xlsx: {
  defaultClass: "xlsx",
  buttonContent: "Export to xlsx",
  mimeType: "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet",
  fileExtension: ".xlsx"

* XLS (Binary spreadsheet) file extension configuration
* @memberof TableExport.prototype
xls: {
  defaultClass: "xls",
  buttonContent: "Export to xls",
  separator: "\t",
  mimeType: "application/vnd.ms-excel",
  fileExtension: ".xls"

* CSV (Comma Separated Values) file extension configuration
* @memberof TableExport.prototype
csv: {
  defaultClass: "csv",
  buttonContent: "Export to csv",
  separator: ",",
  mimeType: "text/csv",
  fileExtension: ".csv"

* TXT (Plain Text) file extension configuration
* @memberof TableExport.prototype
txt: {
  defaultClass: "txt",
  buttonContent: "Export to txt",
  separator: "  ",
  mimeType: "text/plain",
  fileExtension: ".txt"

7. API methods:

var myTable = $("table").tableExport();

// updates settings
  fileName: "newFile" 

// resets plugin

// removes export buttons

// gets export data
var exportData = myTable.getExportData(); 


v5.2.0 (2018-12-24)

  • add "sheetname" option to configure name of worksheet

v5.1.0 (2018-12-16)

  • add support for RTL worksheet export

v5.0.6 (2018-12-13)

  • replace use of style with style.cssText to fix IE9

v5.0.5 (2018-11-25)

  • <caption> side is now applied directly to "style" attribute and does not require css

v5.0.3 (2018-10-24)

  • fix issue when $.fn.tableExport (i.e. jquery prototype) being ignored

v5.0.2 (2018-05-25)

  • replace Array.prototype with Object.defineProperty

v5.0.1 (2018-05-25)

  • add button type attribute

v5.0.0 (2018-02-06)

  • fix handle{Row,Col}Span ordering and terminating conditions
  • "colspan"/"rowspan" improvements
  • "emptyCSS" with rows (<tr>); "ignoreCSS" and "emptyCSS" as selector|selector[]
  • fix: rowspan/colspan bug in XLSX format
  • add basic cell merge support
  • fix: reset hashCode seed for cloned nodes and dynamic tables

v4.0.10 (2017-05-27)

  • JS update

v4.0.8 (2017-05-26)

  • jQuery-Custom-Bootstrap-Checkboxesupdate tableexport.d.ts definition file to allow for optional defaults

v4.0.7 (2017-05-26)

  • allow for require and default & named imports

v4.0.6 (2017-05-25)

  • fix: date format in 'xlsx' includes time metadata
  • improve AMD define statement with syntactic sugar


  • v4.0.4 - add method to retrieve ArrayBuffer bytes


  • v4.0.2 - fix: update TypeScript definition file


  • v4.0.0 - Major update; removed jQuery dependency.


  • v3.3.12 - fix export does not work on IE


  • v3.3.11 - fix not able to sum number

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by clarketm. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.