Ajax-enabled Animated Modal Plugin with jQuery - IPtools Modal

Ajax-enabled Animated Modal Plugin with jQuery - IPtools Modal
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IPtools Modal is a tiny and simple-to-use jQuery plugin that lets you create highly customizable and responsive modal windows with fancy CSS3 animations.


  • Supports both static and AJAX content.
  • Auto resizes based on your screen size.
  • Content loading indicator.
  • 3 cool animations based on CSS3 transitions and transforms.
  • Can be closed via ESC key, close button and click outside.

How to use it:

1. Load the stylesheet iptools-jquery-modal.css in the head section, and the JavaScript iptools-jquery-modal.min.js just after jQuery library but before the closing body tag.

<link href="dist/iptools-jquery-modal.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="//code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.3.min.js"></script>
<script src="dist/iptools-jquery-modal.min.js"></script>

2. Create a link to trigger a modal window that loads data from a specific DOM element within the document. The data-modal-effect attribute is used to specify the CSS3 animation you want to use.

<a href="#container-id" class="js_trigger-modal" 
   Trigger Modal
<div id="container-id" style="display: none;">
  Modal Content Here

3. Create a link to trigger a modal window that loads data from an external data source via AJAX request.

<a href="ajax.html" 
   Trigger Modal

4. All CSS3 animations.

  • scale
  • slideinbottom
  • slideinright

5. All default configuration options.


  // animation duration
  animationDuration: 500, 

  // close by hitting the ESC key
  closeOnESC: true, /

  // close by clicking outside / on overlay
  closeOnClickOutside: true,

  // shows close button
  closeButton: true, 

  // custom CSS class for close button
  closeButtonClass: ''

  // append close button to overlay
  addCloseButtonToOverlay: false,

  // modal height
  height: 'auto',

  // Modal width
  width: '80%', 

  // CSS class for the modal
  modalClass: 'modal',

  // CSS ID for the modal
  modalId: 'modal', 

  // vertical alignment of the modal
  modalVAlignTopClass: 'modal--vertical-align-top', 

  // vertical alignment of the modal
  modalVAlignCenterClass: 'modal--vertical-align-center', 

  // Modifier classes e.g. modal--no-padding
  modifiers: '', 

  // CSS class for the overlay
  overlayClass: 'overlay'

  // shows content loader
  showSpinner: true, 

  // loader html
  spinnerHTML: '',

  // CSS z-index
  zIndex: 102 // CSS z-index

Change logs:


  • v1.3.1: Fix close button blocked by overlapping content


  • v1.3.0: Fixed: Page in background still scrollable


  • v1.1.0


  • v1.0.8: bugfix


  • v1.0.7


  • Fix original effects
  • Fix EFX race condition causes flicker


  • Add UJS button support & instance backref feature


  • Add option to specify close button class


  • Add option for appending close button to overlay


  • Fix vertical alignment function

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by interactive-pioneers. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.