Minimal Cross-platform jQuery Toaster Plugin - ztoast

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Minimal Cross-platform jQuery Toaster Plugin - ztoast

ztoast is a really simple and small jQuery plugin used to display 'Toast' style notification messages at the bottom right of the webpage.


  • Fade in/out animations.
  • Auto close after 5 seconds.
  • Click/tap on the notifications to close manually.

How to use it:

1. Just include the main JavaScript file ztoast.min.js after jQuery library and you're ready to go.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="build/ztoast.min.js"></script>

2. The JavaScript to show a toast message that will auto dismiss after 5 seconds.

$.toast('Hello World!')

3. Specify the duration in milliseconds.

// 3 seconds
$.toast('Hello World!',3000)

4. Override the default CSS styles of the toast notifications.

#ztoast-container {
  width: 322px;
  position: fixed;
  right: 10px;

5. Default plugin arguments.

var containerId = 'ztoast-container';
var styleId = 'ztoast-stylesheet';
var contentClass = 'ztoast-content';
var fadeTime = 500;
var defaultDuration = 2000;
var onClickClose = true;

Change log:


  • fix container z-index

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by lenonmauer. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.