Minimal Emoji Rating Plugin With jQuery - Emoji Ratings

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Minimal Emoji Rating Plugin With jQuery - Emoji Ratings

Emoji Ratings is a simple, lightweight jQuery star rating plugin that uses emoji unicode characters for rating symbols.

Basic usage:

1. Load the jquery.emojiRatings.js script after loading jQuery library but before you close the body tag.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="src/jquery.emojiRatings.js"></script>

2. Create a wrapping element for the rating plugin.

<div id="element"></div>

3. Call the emojiRating() method to initialize the rating plugin with default options. The plugin will generate a hidden input with the name specified in the JavaScript (default: rating).

  // options here

4. Plugin's default settings.


  // Unicode
  emoji: "U+2B50",

  // the number of stars
  count: 5,

  // font size
  fontSize: 16,

  // input name
  inputName: "rating",

  // callback
  onUpdate: null

5. Emoji dictionary.

  • smile: "U+1F603",
  • wink: "U+1F609",
  • laughing: "U+1F606",
  • blush: "U+1F60A",
  • heart_eyes: "U+1F60D",
  • kissing_heart: "U+1F618",
  • heart: "U+2764",
  • heart_with_arrow: "U+1F498",
  • broken_heart: "U+1F494",
  • tongue_out_wink: "U+1F61C",
  • tongue_out_eyes_closed: "U+1F61D",
  • angry: "U+1F620",
  • crying: "U+1F622",
  • scream: "U+1F631",
  • pray: "U+1F64F",
  • poo: "U+1F4A9",
  • star: "U+2B50"

Change log:


  • Added onUpdate callback


  • Added shortname dictionary with 16 emojis

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by gellerby. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.