Accessible Searchable Accordion Plugin - jQuery a11yAccordion

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Accessible Searchable Accordion Plugin - jQuery a11yAccordion

a11yAccordion is an advanced, accessible, filterable, configurable jQuery accordion plugin for expanding and contracting content within the webpage.


  • Tab key to switch between accordion headers.
  • Enter key to open/close the current accordion panel.
  • Filter through accordion header/panel/footer content with a search box.
  • Custom styling. Light & Dark themes included.
  • Custom accessible labels.
  • Semantic markups. Based on HTML unordered list.
  • Nested accordions are supported as well.

How to use it:

1. To get started, include jQuery library and the jQuery a11yAccordion plugin on the web page.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/to/dist/css/a11yAccordion.min.css" />
<script src="/path/to/cdn/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/dist/js/a11yAccordion.js"></script>

2. Create an HTML list for your accordion. 

<ul id="example" class="a11yAccordion">

  <li class="a11yAccordionItem">
    <div class="a11yAccordionItemHeader">
      Header #1
    <div class="a11yAccordionHideArea">
      First content

  <li class="a11yAccordionItem">
    <div class="a11yAccordionItemHeader">
      Header #2
    <div class="a11yAccordionHideArea">
      Second content

  <li class="a11yAccordionItem">
    <div class="a11yAccordionItemHeader">
      Header #3
    <div class="a11yAccordionHideArea">
      Third content

3. Initialize the plugin on the HTML list and done.

const myAccordion = new A11yAccordion({
      parentSelector: '#example'

4. Apply a theme to the accordion using the following CSS classes:

<ul id="example" class="a11yAccordion a11yAccordion-light">
  ... Light Theme ...

<ul id="example" class="a11yAccordion a11yAccordion-dark">
  ... Dark Theme ...

5. Config the live search functionality.

const myAccordion = new A11yAccordion({

      // enable/disable live search
      showSearch: true,

      // hide: hide accordion panels
      // collapse: collapse accordion panels
      searchActionType: 'hide',

      // whether or not to search for content in the collapsed panels
      overallSearch: false

5. Decide whether or not to show only one accordion panel at a time. Default: true.

const myAccordion = new A11yAccordion({
      showOne: false

6. Config the expand contract animations.

const myAccordion = new A11yAccordion({

      hideEffectStyle: 'linear',
      speed: 300,

7. Customize the description for Show/Hide links.

const myAccordion = new A11yAccordion({

      hiddenLinkDescription: ''
<!-- OR -->
<div class="a11yAccordionItemHeader" data-a11yAccordion-hiddenLinkDescription="Description Here">
  Accordion Panel

8. Default classes, labels, attributes, and IDs.

const myAccordion = new A11yAccordion({

      classes: {
        headerClass: 'a11yAccordionItemHeader',
        accordionItemClass: 'a11yAccordionItem',
        hiddenAreaClass: 'a11yAccordionHideArea',
        showHeaderLabelClass: 'a11yAccordionItemHeaderLinkShowLabel',
        hideHeaderLabelClass: 'a11yAccordionItemHeaderLinkHideLabel',
        markedTextClass: 'a11yAccordion-markedText',
        visibleAreaClass: 'visiblea11yAccordionItem',
        noResultsDivClass: 'a11yAccordionNoResultsItem',
        searchDivClass: 'a11yAccordionSearchDiv',
        headerLinkClass: 'a11yAccordionItemHeaderLink',
        headerTextClass: 'a11yAccordionItemHeaderText',
        hiddenHeaderLabelDescriptionClass: 'a11yAccordionItemHeaderLinkHiddenLabel',
        toggleClass: 'toggle',
        triangleClass: 'a11yAccordion-triangle',
        searchClass: 'a11yAccordionSearch',
        accordionHeaderClass: 'a11yAccordion-header',
        accordionHideAreaClass: 'a11yAccordion-area'
      labels: {
        showHeaderLabelText: 'Show',
        hideHeaderLabelText: 'Hide',
        searchPlaceholder: 'Search',
        noResultsText: 'No Results Found',
        titleText: 'Type your query to search',
        resultsMessage: 'Number of results found: ',
        leaveBlankMessage: ' Please leave blank to see all the results.'
      ids: {
        noResultsDivID: 'a11yAccordion-noResultsItem',
        searchDivID: 'a11yAccordion-searchPanel',
        rowIdStringPrefix: 'a11yAccordion-row-'
      attributes: {
        hiddenLinkDescription: 'data-a11yAccordion-hiddenLinkDescription'

9. Callback functions.

const myAccordion = new A11yAccordion({

      onAreaShow: function onAreaShow() {},
      onAreaHide: function onAreaHide() {},

10. API methods.

// collapse an accordion panel

// expand an accordion panel

// toggle an accordion panel

// get a panel's element

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by anvk. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.