Floating Table Of Contents Plugin - jQuery FooNav.js

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Floating Table Of Contents Plugin - jQuery FooNav.js

FooNav.js is a simple yet robust jQuery table of contents plugin that automatically generates a floating, drawer-style, in-page navigation menu from headings (or any other elements) within the document.


  • Drawer-style toggle-able navigation box.
  • Supports a hierarchical nav structure just like a drilldown menu.
  • Allows you to ignore elements.
  • Supports deeplinking.
  • 6 position options.
  • 14 built-in professional-looking themes.
  • Fade or Slide transitions.
  • Smooth scrolling is supported as well.
  • Displays a Scroll To Top button when you scroll down the page.
  • And more...

How to use it:

1. To get started, load the FooNav.js plugin's files in the document.

<link href="/path/to/dist/foonav.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src="/path/to/cdn/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/dist/foonav.min.js"></script>

2. Initialize the plugin and determine in which container the plugin looks for heading elements. Default: 'body'.

// basic
  items: '#myArticle',

// advanced
  items: {
    container: '#myArticle',
    selector: '.h1,.h2,.ch3',
    exclude: '.ignore-class'

3. Set the position of the table of contents drawer. Default: 'fon-top-right'.

  • fon-top-left
  • fon-top-right
  • fon-left-center
  • fon-bottom-left
  • fon-bottom-right
  • fon-bottom-center
  position: 'fon-bottom-right',

4. Change the theme of the table of contents drawer. Default: 'fon-light'.

  • fon-light
  • fon-dark
  • fon-blue
  • fon-green
  • fon-flat-ui-amethyst
  • fon-flat-ui-asbestos
  • .fon-flat-ui-asphalt
  theme: 'fon-dark',

5. Full plugin options.


  /** @type {(string|HTMLElement|Array|jQuery)} - A DOM element, array of elements, HTML string, or jQuery object to insert after the generated menu. */
  after: null,

  /** @type {(string|HTMLElement|Array|jQuery)} - A DOM element, array of elements, HTML string, or jQuery object to insert before the generated menu. */
  before: null,

   * A PlainObject containing any additional buttons to create, these can be either just the href or
   * an object of attributes, events, and methods to call on the newly-created button.
   * The name used must match an icon defined in the icons object.
   * @example <caption>A string</caption>
   * buttons: {
   *  [name]: [string]
   * }
   * @example <caption>An object of attributes, events, and methods.</caption>
   * buttons: {
   *  [name]: [object]
   * }
   * @see {@link http://api.jquery.com/jQuery/#jQuery-html-attributes|jQueryAPI} for more information on the html attributes object.
  buttons: null,

  /** CSS class names to add to the navigation element. */
  classes: null,

  /** Whether or not to enable deeplinking. 
   * If set to true and the selected menu item corresponds to an anchor in the page the hash will be updated. 
  deeplinking: false,

  /** Icon classes */
  icons: {
    back: { family: 'fon-icon', icon: 'fon-icon-back' },
    expand: { family: 'fon-icon', icon: 'fon-icon-expand' },
    home: { family: 'fon-icon', icon: 'fon-icon-home' },
    menu: { family: 'fon-icon', icon: 'fon-icon-menu' },
    top: { family: 'fon-icon', icon: 'fon-icon-top' }

   * Items can be either a PlainObject defining the container, item and exclude selectors, just the container selector or an array of items.
   * @example <caption>Example PlainObject</caption>
   * items: {
   *  container: [string],
   *  exclude: [string],
   *  selector: [string]
   * }
   * @example <caption>Example string</caption>
   * items: [string]
   * @example <caption>Example item array</caption>
   * items: [{
   *  href: [string],
   *  text: [string],
   *  children: [array]
   * }]
  items: 'body',

  /** The class name of the position for the navigation element. */
  position: 'fon-top-right',

  /**  The class name of the theme for the navigation element. */
  theme: 'fon-light',

  /** A string to display above the root menu items. This is replaced by the back button text on child menus. */
  title: null,

  /** Whether or not to display the 'To Top' button. */
  top: true,

  /** A string specifying the type of transition to use on the menu. 
   * Possible values are 'slide' and 'fade'
  transition: 'slide',

  /** The distance the scroll bars must travel before displaying the navigation element. */
  scroll: 0,

  /** The speed the navigation element is shown/hidden and the speed the menus are transitioned between. */
  speed: 200,

  smart: {

    /** Whether or not to enable the smart options. This disables all smart options if set to false. */
    enable: true,

    /** Whether or not to track anchors in the page. 
     * If set to true the menu will automatically find the item corresponding to the current visible anchor. 
    anchors: true,

    /** @Whether or not to close the menu when losing focus. 
     * If set to true when a user clicks anywhere on the page that is not within a navigation element, this instance will close.
    close: true,

    /** Whether or not to auto open the navigation element on page load. 
     * If set to true and the page is scrolled past the scroll option value and a tracked anchor is visible the navigation element will be displayed. 
    open: false,

    /** Whether or not to remember menu position on toggle. 
     * If set to true the menu will remember it's current position while being toggled. If set to false when the menu is displayed or redisplayed it is reset to the root. 
    remember: true,

    /** Whether or not to enable smart scrolling. 
     * If set to true and a user clicks on an anchored item the page will smoothly scroll to the anchor from it's current position. 
    scroll: true,

    /** Whether or not to parse the current url for a hash value. 
     * If a hash is found and it matches an item the menu is set to display that item. 
    url: true,


6. API methods.

 // options here
    // options here

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by fooplugins. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.