Powerful Range Slider Plugin - jQRangeSlider

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Powerful Range Slider Plugin - jQRangeSlider

jQRangeSlider is a powerful range slider plugin built with jquery for selecting value ranges, supporting dates and more. 

jQRangeSlider has been tested with iOS and Android that supports all the touch devices.

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  • Select dates - jQRangeSlider supports both numerical values and date and time. 
  • Steps - jQRangeSlider supports steps for both numerical and date values. Select values 5 by 5 or month by month, simply by changing an option.
  • Adapt to your style - jQRangeSlider comes by default with two themes to demonstrate its ability to be restyled. You can customize it as you want: nothing is hard coded..
  • Real time refresh - jQRangeSlider exposes events you can use for refreshing your UI. You can also interact with it through javascript methods.


v5.8.3 (2024-04-29)

  • replace jQuery deprecated features

v5.8.2 (2023-10-20)

  • Bugs fixed.

v5.7.1 (2015-1-24)

  • Fixed: Touch and jquery-ui 1.11.0

v5.7.0 (2014-3-19)

  • A new option "symmetricPositionning" for a different way of positionning handles
  • Allowed minimum ranges to be 0
  • Fixed: Calling resize on an hidden slider resets values
  • Fixed: Inverted labels in small ranges
  • Fixed: Edit range slider does not parse float number correctly

v5.6.0 (2014-2-1)

  • Fixed #144: Inverted label order with small range
  • Fixed #146: Setting values via the min, max, or values methods produces an invalid slider

v5.5.0 (2013-7-13)

  • Fixed #124: Scales and slider position don't line up
  • Fixed #141: userValuesChanged event not fired when user edits input value
  • Fixed #142: Labels don't show up the first time after a programmatically value change
  • Fixed #143: Changing formatter causes labels to disappear

v5.4.0 (2013-7-13)

  • Fixed #128: Using the mouse wheel changes the values, even if slider is disabled
  • Fixed #130: Labels don't disappear when values changed in code
  • Fixed #133: Step in weeks breaks the slider
  • Fixed #123: Incorrect values after switching handles

v5.3.0 (2013-7-13)

  • Add enabled option, enable/disable function to allow read-only sliders

v5.2.0 (2013-6-29)

  • Fixed: Memory leaks when calling destroy
  • Styling improvement: setting correct height to the slider element.

v5.1.1 (2013-4-18)

  • Fixed: Display bug of ticks in IE7
  • Fixed: Memory leaks when calling destroy

v5.1.0 (2013-3-24)

  • Ticks formatting, with a new callback function: format

v5.0.2 (2013-3-18)

  • Fixed: dateRangeSlider displayed outside of the innerbar when setting the range

v5.0.1 (2013-3-8)

  • Fixed: dateRangeSlider displayed outside of the innerbar when setting the range

v4.2.10 (2013-2-8)

  • FIXED: Bar not correctly updated after window resizing, with auto margin on container

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by ghusse. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.