Detect Browser, Device and OS With jQuery - js.device.detector

Detect Browser, Device and OS With jQuery - js.device.detector
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Yet another jQuery plugin used to detect browser, devices, OS and other useful information for web & mobile developers.

The plugin also enables you to submit a Browser Matrix to validate supported Browser.

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How to use it:

1. Include the js.device.detector script after you've include the latest jQuery.

<script src="" 
<script src="dist/jquery.device.detector.js"></script>

2. Initialize the js.device.detector.

var instance = $.fn.deviceDetector;

3. Get the current browser, device, OS you're using.


4. This will return an object as these:

  Android: false
  blackberry: false
  browserId: "chrome"
  browserName: "Google Chrome"
  browserVersion: 67
  bsd: false
  chrome: true
  desktop: true
  edge: false
  firefox: false
  ie: false
  ieMobile: false
  ios: false
  ipad: false
  iphone: false
  linux: false
  macos: false
  mobile: false
  msie: false
  opera: false
  operaMini: false
  osId: "windows10"
  osName: "Microsoft Windows 10"
  osVersion: "10.0"
  osVersionBugfix: 0
  osVersionCategories: {major: 10, minor: 0, bugfix: 0}
  osVersionMajor: 10
  osVersionMinor: 0
  osVersionString: "10.0"
  safari: false
  supported: true
  windows: true
  windowsPhone: false

5. API.

  • getBrowserId
  • getBrowserName
  • getBrowserVersion
  • getInfo
  • getOsId
  • getOsName
  • getOsVersion
  • getOsVersionBugfix
  • getOsVersionCategories
  • getOsVersionMinor
  • getOsVersionMajor
  • getOsVersionString

6. Available validators.

  • isAndroid
  • isBlackberry
  • isBsd
  • isChrome
  • isDesktop
  • isEdge
  • isFirefox
  • isIe
  • isIeMobile
  • isIpad
  • isIphone
  • isLinux
  • isMacos
  • isMobile
  • isMsie
  • isOpera
  • isOperaMini
  • isSafari
  • isSupported
  • isWindows
  • isWindowsPhone

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by exiguus. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.