Filterable Hierarchical Select Plugin For Bootstrap - Hierarchy Select

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Filterable Hierarchical Select Plugin For Bootstrap - Hierarchy Select

Hierarchy Select is a lightweight jQuery plugin which converts the Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 3 dropdown component into a filterable hierarchical dropdown list.

Bootstrap 3 version is available here.

How to use it:

1. Download and include the jQuery Hierarchy Select plugin's files into your Bootstrap project.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="hierarchy-select.min.css" />
<script src="hierarchy-select.min.js"></script>

2. Create a Bootstrap dropdown that uses data-level attribute to specify the data level for each list item.

<div class="btn-group hierarchy-select" data-resize="auto" id="demo">
  <button type="button" class="btn btn-default dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">
      <span class="selected-label pull-left">&nbsp;</span>
      <span class="caret"></span>
      <span class="sr-only">Toggle Dropdown</span>
  <div class="dropdown-menu open">
      <div class="hs-searchbox">
          <input type="text" class="form-control" autocomplete="off">
      <ul class="dropdown-menu inner" role="menu">
          <li data-value="" data-level="1" class="level-1 active">
              <a href="#">All categories</a>
          <li data-value="1" data-level="1" class="level-1">
              <a href="#">Wine</a>
          <li data-value="2" data-level="2" class="level-2">
              <a href="#">Color</a>
          <li data-value="3" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Red</a>
          <li data-value="4" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">White</a>
          <li data-value="5" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Rose</a>
          <li data-value="6" data-level="2" class="level-2">
              <a href="#">Country</a>
          <li data-value="7" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Marokko</a>
          <li data-value="8" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Russia</a>
          <li data-value="9" data-level="2" class="level-2">
              <a href="#">Sugar Content</a>
          <li data-value="10" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Semi Sweet</a>
          <li data-value="11" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Brut</a>
          <li data-value="12" data-level="2" class="level-2">
              <a href="#">Rating</a>
          <li data-value="13" data-level="2" class="level-2">
              <a href="#">Grape Sort</a>
          <li data-value="14" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Riesling</a>
          <li data-value="15" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Aleatico</a>
          <li data-value="16" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Bouchet</a>
          <li data-value="17" data-level="1" class="level-1">
              <a href="#">Whiskey</a>
          <li data-value="18" data-level="2" class="level-2">
              <a href="#">Country</a>
          <li data-value="19" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Ireland</a>
          <li data-value="20" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Kanada</a>
          <li data-value="21" data-level="3" class="level-3">
              <a href="#">Scotland</a>
  <input class="hidden hidden-field" name="search_form[category]" readonly aria-hidden="true" type="text"/>

3. Call the function hierarchySelect on the top element.


4. Config the Filterable Hierarchical Select with the following options:


  // width/height
  width: 'auto',
  height: '208px',

  // enable hierarchical select
  hierarchy: false,

  // enable searchable select
  search: true,

  // determine whether to use the existing value in the hidden field when it initialises, rather than overwriting it with the default item
  initialValueSet: false,

  // reset the search state after a selection was made
  resetSearchOnSelection: false

  // callback
  onChange: function(value){
    // do something


v2.3.0 (2020-07-22)

  • Modified onChange() so that it also sends the text of the selected option.

v2.2.0 (2020-07-08)

  • Added 'resetSearchOnSelection' option

v2.1.0 (2020-04-26)

  • Added more options.


  • Fix incorrect processing of setTimeout delay in Firefox


  • Added Bootstrap 4 version


  • v1.0.1


  • Bugfix


  • Fix initSelect


  • Prevent disabled or hidden element selection


  • Add handlers for keys: Esc, Enter, Up, Down

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by NeoFusion. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.