Feature-rich Accordion Slider In jQuery

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Feature-rich Accordion Slider In jQuery

A jQuery plugin that helps you create responsive, touch-friendly, retina-ready accordion sliders for presenting anything on the page.

More Features:

  • Image lazy loading.
  • Dynamic content loading: JSON or XML.
  • Allows multiple layers at the same panel.
  • Smooth transitions.
  • Pagination bullets.
  • Supports Youtube/Vimeo/Sublime/HTML5 videos.
  • Keyboard & Mouse interactions.
  • Can be integrated with any lightbox plugin like the known FancyBox.
  • Supports deep linking.

Table Of Contents:

How to use it:

1. Install the Accordion Slider jQuery plugin.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="../dist/css/accordion-slider.min.css" />
<script src="/path/to/cdn/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="./dist/js/jquery.accordionSlider.min.js"></script>

2. Add panels to the accordion slider.

<div id="example" class="accordion-slider">
  <div class="as-panels">
    <div class="as-panel">
      <img class="as-background" src="1.jpg" />
    <div class="as-panel">
      <img class="as-background" src="2.jpg" />
    <div class="as-panel">
      <img class="as-background" src="3.jpg" />
    <div class="as-panel">
      <img class="as-background" src="4.jpg" />
    <div class="as-panel">
      <img class="as-background" src="5.jpg" />

3. Initialize the plugin on the parent container to generate a basic accordion slider.

  // options here

4. Enable lazy loading & high resolution/retina images.

<img class="as-background" 
     data-retina="/path/to/original/[email protected]" />

5. Add multiple layers to accordion panels using the following CSS classes and HTML data attributes.

  • as-opened: The layer will be visible only when the panel is opened.
  • as-closed: The layer will be visible only when the panel is closed.
  • as-black: Black background.
  • as-white: Light background.
  • as-padding: Add a 10px padding to the layer.
  • as-rounded: Rounded corner.
  • as-vertical: Set the layer's orientation to vertical.
  • as-background-opened: Swap background images when the panel is opended
  • data-width: Width of the layer.
  • data-height: Height of the layer.
  • data-depth: Z-index CSS property.
  • data-position: 'topLeft' (default), 'topRight', 'bottomLeft' or 'bottomRight'
  • data-horizontal: Fixed value, percentage value or 'center'.
  • data-vertical: The same as 'data-horizontal'.
  • data-show-transition: 'left', 'right', 'up' or 'down'.
  • data-hide-transition: The same as 'data-show-transition'.
  • data-show-offset: Add an offset to the layer.
  • data-hide-offset: Add an offset to the layer.
  • data-show-duration: The duration of the transition.
  • data-hide-duration: The duration of the transition.
  • data-show-delay: Transition delay.
  • data-hide-delay: Transition delay.
<div class="as-panel">
  <a href="http://bqworks.com">
    <img class="as-background" src="../dist/css/images/blank.gif" data-src="https://source.unsplash.com/700x500/?summer" data-retina="https://source.unsplash.com/700x500/?summer"/>
  <div class="as-layer as-closed as-white as-vertical panel-counter"
     data-position="bottomLeft" data-horizontal="8" data-vertical="8">
     Panel 2
  <div class="as-layer" 
    data-position="bottomLeft" data-horizontal="20" data-vertical="20" data-width="100%">
    <p class="as-layer as-opened as-white as-padding"
      data-show-transition="left" data-hide-transition="up" data-show-delay="400" data-hide-delay="200">
      Lorem ipsum
    <p class="as-layer as-opened as-black as-padding hide-small-screen"
      data-position="bottomLeft" data-horizontal="120"
      data-show-transition="left" data-hide-transition="up" data-show-delay="600" data-hide-delay="100">
      dolor sit amet
    <p class="as-layer as-opened as-white as-padding hide-small-screen"
      data-position="bottomLeft" data-horizontal="245"
      data-show-transition="left" data-hide-transition="up" data-show-delay="800">
      consectetur adipisicing elit.

6. Load content from JSON.

  JSONSource: '/path/to/accordion.json',
// accordion.json
  "accordion": {
    "panels": [
        "background": {"source": "/path/to/1.jpg"},
        "backgroundRetina": {"source": "path/to/[email protected]"},
        "backgroundOpened": {"source": "path/to/alt1.jpg"},
        "backgroundOpenedRetina": {"source": "path/to/[email protected]"},
        "backgroundLink": {"address": "https://jqueryscript.net"},
        "layers": [
          {"content": "Panel 1", "style": "closed white padding panel-counter", "position": "bottomLeft", "horizontal": "8", "vertical": "8"},
          {"content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet", "style": "opened black padding", "showTransition": "down", "hideTransition": "up", "horizontal": "20", "vertical": "20"}

7. Load content from XML.

  JSONSource: '/path/to/accordion.xml',
<!-- accordion.xml -->
    <backgroundRetina>path/to/[email protected]</backgroundRetina>
    <backgroundOpenedRetina>path/to/[email protected]</backgroundOpenedRetina>
    <layer vertical="8" horizontal="8" position="bottomLeft" style="closed white vertical panel-counter">Panel 1 </layer>
    <layer vertical="10%" horizontal="40" style="opened black padding" hideTransition="left" showTransition="left">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet </layer>
    <layer vertical="22%" horizontal="40" style="opened white padding" hideTransition="left" showTransition="left" hideDelay="200" showDelay="200">consectetur adipisicing elit </layer>
    <layer vertical="34%" horizontal="40" style="opened black padding" hideTransition="left" showTransition="left" hideDelay="500" showDelay="400" width="350">sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. </layer>

8. It also supports Youtube/Vimeo/Sublime/HTML5 videos.

<!-- Youtube -->
<iframe class="as-video" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/VIDEO-ID?enablejsapi=1&amp;wmode=opaque" width="500" height="350" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<!-- Vimeo -->
<iframe class="as-video" src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/VIDEO-ID?api=1" width="500" height="350" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

<!-- HTML5 Video -->
<video class="as-video" poster="path/to/poster.jpg" width="500" height="350" controls="controls" preload="none">
  <source src="path/to/video.mp4" type="video/mp4"/>
  <source src="path/to/video.ogv" type="video/ogg"/>

<!-- Video.js -->
<div class="as-video" data-videojs-id="video1">
  <video id="video1" class="video-js vjs-default-skin" poster="path/to/poster.jpg" width="500" height="350" controls="controls" preload="none" data-setup="{}">
    <source src="path/to/video.mp4" type="video/mp4"/>
    <source src="path/to/video.ogv" type="video/ogg"/>

<!-- Sublime Video -->
<video id="video2" class="as-video sublime" poster="path/to/poster.jpg" width="500" height="350" controls="controls" preload="none">
  <source src="path/to/video.mp4" type="video/mp4"/>
  <source src="path/to/video.ogv" type="video/ogg"/>

9. Full plugin options.


  // width/height
  width: 800,
  height: 400,

  // enable responsive layout
  responsive: true,

  // 'auto' or 'custom'
  responsiveMode: 'auto',

  // aspect ratio
  aspectRatio: -1,

  // 'horizontal' or 'vertical'.
  orientation: 'horizontal',

  // 0 for the first panel
  startPanel: -1,

  // the size of the opened panel
  // fixed or percentage value
  openedPanelSize: 'max',

  // max size of opened panel
  maxOpenedPanelSize: '80%',

  // 'hover', 'click', or 'never'
  openPanelOn: 'hover',

  // close the opened panels on mouse out
  closePanelsOnMouseOut: true,

  // the delay in milliseconds between the movement of the mouse pointer and the opening of the panel
  mouseDelay: 200,

  // the distance between consecutive panels
  panelDistance: 0,

  // duration on ms
  openPanelDuration: 700,
  closePanelDuration: 700,
  pageScrollDuration: 500,

  // easing function
  pageScrollEasing: 'swing',

  /* e.g.
    960: {visiblePanels: 5},
    800: {visiblePanels: 3, orientation: 'vertical', width: 600, height: 500},
    650: {visiblePanels: 4},
    500: {visiblePanels: 3, orientation: 'vertical', aspectRatio: 1.2}
  breakpoints: null,

  // visible panels
  visiblePanels: -1,

  // 0 for the first page
  startPage: 0,

  // adds shadow to the accordion slider
  shadow: true,

  // determines if the panels will be shuffled/randomized
  shuffle: false,

  // determines if the panels will be overlapped
  panelOverlap: true,

  // autoplay options
  autoplay: true,
  autoplayDelay: 5000,
  autoplayDirection: 'normal', // 'normal' or 'backwards
  autoplayOnHover: 'pause', // 'pause', 'stop' or 'none'

  // keyboard options
  keyboard: true,
  keyboardOnlyOnFocus: false,
  keyboardTarget: 'panel', // 'panel' or 'page',

  // mousewheel options
  mouseWheel: true,
  mouseWheelSensitivity: 10,
  mouseWheelTarget: 'panel', // 'panel' or 'page'

  // swap background options
  swapBackgroundDuration: 700,
  fadeOutBackground: false,

  // touch swipe opitons
  touchSwipe: true,
  touchSwipeThreshold: 50,

  // 'playVideo' or 'none'
  openPanelVideoAction: 'playVideo',

  // 'pauseVideo' or 'stopVideo'
  closePanelVideoAction: 'pauseVideo',

  // 'stopAutoplay' or 'none'
  playVideoAction: 'stopAutoplay',

  // 'startAutoplay' or 'none'
  pauseVideoAction: 'none',

  // 'startAutoplay', 'nextPanel', 'replayVideo' or 'none'
  endVideoAction: 'none',

  // callback functions
  // or $('#example').on('callbackName', function(event) {})
  init: function() {},
  update: function() {},
  accordionMouseOver: function() {},
  accordionMouseOut: function() {},
  panelClick: function(index) {},
  panelMouseOver: function(index) {},
  panelMouseOut: function(index) {},
  panelOpen: function(index, previousIndex) {},
  panelsClose: function(previousIndex) {},
  pageScroll: function(index) {},
  panelOpenComplete: function(index) {},
  panelsCloseComplete: function(previousIndex) {},
  pageScrollComplete: function(index) {},
  breakpointReach: function(size, settings) {},
  videoPlay: function() {},
  videoPause: function() {},
  videoEnd: function() {},


10. API methods.

// $('#example').accordionSlider('methodName', value);
// or 
// var accordion = $('#example').data('accordionSlider');
// accordion.methodName(value);

// Returns all the data of the panel at the specified index.

// Returns the index of the current panel.

// Returns the total number of panels.

// Opens the next panel.

// Opens the previous panel.

// Opens the panel at the specified index.

// Closes all panels.

// Gets the number of visible panels.

// Gets the number of pages.

// Gets the index of the page currently displayed.

// Scrolls to the specified page.

// Goes to the next page.

// Goes to the previous page.

// Destroy

// Updates the accordion

// Removes all panels

// resize the accordion slider

10. Events.

// $('#example').on(eventType, callback);
// $('#example').off(eventType);

$('#example').on('init', function(event) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('update', function(event) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('accordionMouseOver', function(event) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('accordionMouseOut', function(event) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('panelClick', function(event, index) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('panelMouseOver', function(event, index) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('panelMouseOut', function(index) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('panelOpen', function(event, index, previousIndex) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('panelsClose', function(event, previousIndex) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('pageScroll', function(event, index) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('panelOpenComplete', function(event, index) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('panelsCloseComplete', function(event, previousIndex) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('pageScrollComplete', function(event, index) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('breakpointReach', function(event, size, settings) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('videoPlay', function(event) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('videoPause', function(event) {
  // do something

$('#example').on('videoEnd', function(event) {
  // do something



  • revert code changes in touch swipe module

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by bqworks. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.