jQuery plugin To Visualize Numeric Data - Bar Indicator

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jQuery plugin To Visualize Numeric Data - Bar Indicator

Bar Indicator is a jQuery plugin that enables you to visualize numeric data as percentage or absolute numbers into fully customizable bars, similar to the progress indicator.

Basic usage:

1. Load the jQuery Bar Indicator's stylesheet in the head, and the jquery-barIndicator.js script at the bottom of the webpage.

<link href="barIndicator/css/bi-style.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="jquery.min.js"></script>  
<script src="barIndicator/jquery-barIndicator.js"></script>

2. Load the jQuery easing plugin for additional easing methods.

<script src="jquery.easing.min.js"></script>

3. Wrap your numeric data into inline elements as follow.

<span id="demo">15</span>  
<span id="demo">35</span>
<span id="demo">45</span>
<span id="demo">80</span>
<span id="demo">95</span>

4. Initialize the plugin to draw bar indicators on your web page.


5. Available options to customize the bar indicator.

wrpClass: 'bi-wrp',
data: false,
style: 'horizontal',  
theme: 'bi-default-theme',
animation: true,
animTime: 300,  
easing: 'easeOutExpo',
timeout: 0, 
colorRange: false,  
colorRangeLimits: {   
  optimal: '0-40',
  alert: '41-70',
  critical: '71-100'
foreColor: false, 
backColor: false,
labelColor: false,    
labelVisibility: 'default', 
labelHoverPos: {
vertLabelPos: 'right',  
vertLabelAlign: 'middle', 
horLabelPos: 'topLeft', 
horTitle: false,
numType: 'percent',
lbDecimals: 0,
numMin: 0,
numMax: 100,
numMinLabel: false, 
numMaxLabel: false, 
numMinLbLeft: false, 
numMaxLbRight: false, 
numMinLbTop: false, 
numMaxLbTop: false,
vertBarWidth: 10,
horBarHeight: 10,
vertBarHeight: 'line',      
triggerEvent: 'load', 
forceAnim: false,
forceDelay: 100,
labelNumCount: true,  
counterStep: 10,    
milestones: {
  1: {
    mlPos: 50,
    mlId: false,
    mlClass: 'bi-middle-mlst',
    mlDim: 'inherit',
    mlLabel: 'Half',
    mlLabelVis: 'hover',   
    mlHoverRange: 15, 
    mlLineWidth: 1  
avgActive: false,
avgColorIndicator: false, 
avgColorBelowAvg: false,
avgColorAboveAvg: false,
avgMlId: false,
avgMlClass: 'bi-average-mlst',
avgMlDim: 'inherit',
avgLabel: 'Average',
avgLabelNum: true,  
avgLabelVis: 'hover', 
avgLabelHoverRange: 15, 
avgLineWidth: 1,
limLabel: true,
limMinLabel: 'min',
limMaxLabel: 'max',
limMinVisible: true,
limMaxVisible: true,
limLabelPos: 'num'

6. Methods.

var bar = $('#bar');

// execute the loading animation on demand.

// load new data on demand.
var newData = 85;
bar.barIndicator('loadNewData', [newData]);

// disable the plugin and remove all of it's data

// Call the getPluginData getter and get the barLength property.
var data = bar.barIndicator('getPluginData');

7. Event.

var bar = $('#bar');
$('#initPluginEventBtn').on('click', function() {
 $(document).on('bi.innerContentAppended', function() {
  //Call any function on event occurrence  });

Change log:


  • Fixed load data error

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by kapantzak. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.