Embed Customizable Google Maps Into Webpage - jQuery Gmaps

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Embed Customizable Google Maps Into Webpage - jQuery Gmaps

Gmaps is a lightweight jQuery plugin that makes it easier to embed customizable Google Maps into the webpage using HTML data attributes and Google Maps JavaScript API.

Key features:

  • Custom markers.
  • Custom controls.
  • Custom styles.
  • Supports Marker Clusterer library.
  • Allows to enable/disable draggable, mousewheel and doubleclick events.
  • Allows multiple Google maps on a page.

How to use it:

1. Load the stylesheet 'jquery.gmaps.css' to style the Google Maps.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="jquery.gmaps.css">

2. Create a container element to hold the Google Map. The 'data-key' attribute is used to insert your own Google API key.

<div data-key="AIzaSyAiKl_QPZ8L92aLRfpH23F5jzEuIETEhWw"

3. Create your own marker(s) to the Google Map:

<div data-key="AIzaSyAiKl_QPZ8L92aLRfpH23F5jzEuIETEhWw"
        <div class="map-card">
          <h1>This is my title</h1>
          <p>Address: Fake street, #445, Stgo.</p>
          <p>Phone: +56753223344</p>
          <p>e-Mail: [email protected]</p>

4. Customize the Google Map with the following HTML data attributes:

  • data-zoom: map zoom
  • data-clusteringm: Group the map markers. Default: false
  • data-control-zoomm: Default: false
  • data-control-typem: Default: false
  • data-control-scalem: Default: false
  • data-control-streetviewm: Default: false
  • data-control-rotatem: Default: false
  • data-control-fullscreenm: Default: false
  • data-event-draggablem: Default: true
  • data-event-doubleclickm: Default: true
  • data-event-mousewheelm: Default: true

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by gburgose. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.