Automatic Dark & Light Theme Switcher For Bootstrap 4

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Automatic Dark & Light Theme Switcher For Bootstrap 4

This is a customizable Bootstrap dark theme that makes it easy to bring Dark Mode to your Bootstrap based web projects.

It enables your website to automatically switch between Dark and Light themes based on the current theme preference of the user's operating system.

How to use it:

1. Override the default variables of the dark theme.

// ./src/_darkVariables.scss

// Colors
$white: #fff !default;
$gray-100: #f8f9fa !default;
$gray-200: #e9ecef !default;
$gray-300: #dee2e6 !default;
$gray-400: #ced4da !default;
$gray-500: #adb5bd !default;
$gray-600: #868e96 !default;
$gray-700: #495057 !default;
$gray-800: #343a40 !default;
$gray-900: darken($gray-800, 3) !default;
$black: #000 !default;

$primary: #007acc !default;
$secondary: darken(#868e96, 15) !default;
$success: darken(#5cb85c, 10) !default;
$warning: #d5702c !default;
$danger: #dc3b36 !default;
$light: $gray-100 !default;
$dark: $gray-900 !default;

// Body
$body-bg: $gray-800 !default;
$body-color: #F1F1F1 !default;
$link-color: lighten($primary, 10) !default;

// Tables
$table-border-color: $gray-700 !default;
$table-dark-bg: $gray-900 !default;
$table-dark-color: $gray-300 !default;
$table-bg-level: 0 !default;
$table-border-level: -2 !default;

// Forms
$input-bg: darken($gray-800, 2) !default;
$input-disabled-bg: $body-bg !default;
$input-color: $body-color !default;
$input-border-color: $gray-700 !default;
$input-placeholder-color: darken($gray-600, 5) !default;
$input-group-addon-bg: $gray-900 !default;
$custom-select-indicator-color: $input-color !default;
$custom-range-track-bg: $gray-500 !default;

// Navs
$nav-tabs-border-color: $gray-700 !default;
$nav-tabs-link-hover-color: $body-color !default;
$nav-tabs-link-hover-border-color: transparent transparent $nav-tabs-border-color !default;
$nav-tabs-link-active-color: $gray-300 !default;
$nav-tabs-link-active-bg: $body-bg !default;
$nav-tabs-link-active-border-color: $gray-700 $gray-700 $nav-tabs-link-active-bg !default;

// Pagination
$pagination-color: $body-color !default;
$pagination-bg: $dark !default;
$pagination-border-color: $pagination-bg !default;
$pagination-hover-color: lighten($pagination-color, 5) !default;
$pagination-hover-bg: lighten($pagination-bg, 5) !default;
$pagination-hover-border-color: $pagination-hover-bg !default;

// Jumbotron
$jumbotron-bg: $gray-900 !default;

// Cards
$card-border-color: darken($gray-700, 10) !default;
$card-bg: $gray-900 !default;

// Popovers
$popover-bg: $gray-900 !default;
$popover-border-color: $table-border-color !default;
$popover-header-bg: lighten($popover-bg, 3%) !default;

// Modals
$modal-content-bg: $body-bg !default;
$modal-header-border-color: darken($gray-700, 5) !default;

// Pagination
$pagination-disabled-color: $gray-600 !default;
$pagination-disabled-bg: $gray-700 !default;
$pagination-disabled-border-color: $gray-700 !default;

// Progress bars
$progress-bg: $gray-900 !default;

// List group
$list-group-bg: $gray-900 !default;
$list-group-border-color: darken($gray-700, 10) !default;
$list-group-hover-bg: lighten($gray-900, 5) !default;
$list-group-action-color: $body-color !default;
$list-group-action-hover-color: $white !default;

// Dropdowns
$dropdown-color: $body-color !default;
$dropdown-bg: $gray-900 !default;
$dropdown-border-color: $input-border-color !default;
$dropdown-divider-bg: $input-border-color !default;
$dropdown-link-color: $body-color !default;
$dropdown-link-hover-color: lighten($body-color, 5) !default;
$dropdown-link-hover-bg: darken($body-bg,3) !default;
$dropdown-link-active-color: $white !default;
$dropdown-link-active-bg: $primary !default;

// Breadcrumbs
$breadcrumb-bg: $gray-900 !default;

// Close
$close-color: $white !default;
$close-text-shadow: 0 1px 0 $black !default;

// Code
$kbd-bg: darken($gray-800, 10) !default;
$pre-color: $body-color !default;

// Alerts
$alert-bg-level: 0 !default;
$alert-border-level: -1 !default;
$alert-color-level: -12 !default;

// Toasts
$toast-background-color: darken($body-bg, 3) !default;
$toast-header-background-color: lighten($body-bg, 3) !default;

2. When compiling Sass, this _darkVariables should be loaded before Bootstrap's Sass.

sass ./src/dark.scss ./dist/dark.css

3. Load the compiled CSS into your HTML document. That's it.

<link href="./dist/dark.css" rel="stylesheet" />

4. Use prefered-color-scheme media query to automatically switch between light and dark themes.

<link href="light.css" rel="stylesheet" media="(prefers-color-scheme: light)" />
<link href="dark.css" rel="stylesheet" media="(prefers-color-scheme: dark)" />
if (window.matchMedia('(prefers-color-scheme: dark)').media === 'not all') { = 'none';
    '<link href="dark.css" rel="stylesheet" onload="\'\'" />'
  window.addEventListener('load', function () {
    document.getElementById('not-supported-warning').style.display = '';

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