Searchable Content Paginator For jQuery - FlexiblePaginationJS

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Searchable Content Paginator For jQuery - FlexiblePaginationJS

An easy, flexible, searchable, and highly customizable content paginator with jQuery (or Vanilla JavaScript) that provides the convenient, client-side pagination functionality for long block elements.

Easy to customize using your own CSS. Compatible with the latest Bootstrap framework. Also supports AJAX content loading.

How to use it:

1. Download and put the JavaScript file Flexible.Pagination.js on the web page.

<script src="Flexible.Pagination.js"></script>

2. Insert block elements into the webpage.

<div id="content">
  <div class="item">
    Item 1
  <div class="item">
    Item 2
  <div class="item">
    Item 3

3. Create a container to hold the pagination links.

<div id="pagingControls"></div>

4. Create a search field to filter the block elements (OPTIONAL).

<input class="searchBox" placeholder="Search Something. E.g. jQueryScript">

5. Call the plugin to generate pagination links.

// jQuery
var flexiblePagination = $('#content').flexiblePagination({
    // options here

// Vanilla JavaScript
var flexiblePagination = new Flexible.Pagination();
flexiblePagination.pagingContainer = '#content';

6. All possible options to customize the paginator.

var flexiblePagination = $('#content').flexiblePagination({

    // Selectors
    pagingControlsContainer: "#pagingControls",
    pagingContainer: "#content",
    itemSelector: ".item:visible",
    itemsPerPageSelector: ".itemPerPageDropDown", //Paragraphs Per Page
    searchBoxSelector: '.searchBox',
    showingInfoSelector: '.showingInfo',

    // How many items to display per page
    itemsPerPage: 1,

    // Current page
    currentPage: 1,
    // Search phrase
    searchPhrase: '',
    /** How many Page Number should be visible while navigating. Minimum allowed is 3  (previous, current & next)
    displayedPages: 10,

    // Show/hide control buttons
    showGotoFirst: true,
    showGotoLast: true,
    showPrevious: true,
    showNext: true,

    // All text can accept an icon using a <span> OR <i> tag. 
    btnFirstText: "<<",
    btnLastText: ">>",
    btnNextText: ">",
    btnPreviousText: "<",

    // CSS properties
    css: {
      paginationLayout: "<style> " +
        pagingControlsContainer+" ul{display:inline, padding-left: 0.2em} " +
        pagingControlsContainer+" li{display:inline, padding-left: 0.2em}" +
      btnNumberingClass: "btn btn-sm btn-primary",
      btnActiveClass: "btn btn-sm btn-default",
      btnFirstClass: btnNumberingClass,
      btnLastClass: btnNumberingClass,
      btnNextClass: btnNumberingClass,
      btnPreviousClass: btnNumberingClass,

    // data source
    dataSource: {},
    // ajax data source
    ajax: {
      params: {},
      url: '',




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  • JS Update

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by debascoguy. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.