Animated Bar Diagram Plugin with jQuery - barGraph

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Animated Bar Diagram Plugin with jQuery - barGraph

barGraph is a jQuery bar chart plugin that helps you create animated single, multi, or stacked bar graphs with ease. No CSS required.

How to use it:

1. Load the latest version of jQuery library and jQuery barGraph plugin in your web page.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="jqBarGraph.1.1.js"></script>

2. Create an empty DIV element that will be served as a bar grapch container.

<div id="chart"></div>

3. Create an array of data for your bar graph.

arrayOfData = new Array(

4. Render a bar graph into the DIV element you just created.

  data: arrayOfData ,
  colors: ['#34495e','#c0392b','#e74c3c']

5. All the default options.

// array of data for your graph
data: arrayOfData

// title of your graph
title: false

// space between bars in pixels
barSpace: 10,

// width of your bar graph
width: 400,

// height of your bar graph
height: 300,

// default bar color
color: '#000000',

// array of bar colors
colors: false,

// label text
lbl: '',

// sort your data
// 'asc' or 'desc'
sort: false, // 'asc' or 'desc'

// position of your bars
// or 'top' doesn't work for multi type
position: 'bottom', 

// text that will be shown before every label
prefix: '',

// text that will be shown after every label
postfix: '',

//  enable JQuery animations
animate: true,

// animation speed
speed: 1.5,

// width of your legend box
legendWidth: 100,

// displat legend box
legend: false,

// array for legend
legends: false,

// for multi array data default graph type is stacked
// you can change to 'multi' for multi bar type
type: false, // or 'multi'

// show values of every bar part
showValues: true,

// color of font for values 
showValuesColor: '#fff'

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by knsarath. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.