Simple Dynamic Gantt Chart Plugin For jQuery - Gantt

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Simple Dynamic Gantt Chart Plugin For jQuery - Gantt

Gantt is a simple, lightweight jQuery plugin that helps you dynamically draw a customizable Gantt Chart to plan, coordinate, and track specific schedules/tasks in a horizontal bar chart.


  • Supports local and external data source.
  • Custom start/end dates.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Data lazy load.
  • Mouse scroll is supported.

Basic usage:

1. Add the latest version of jQuery library and the jQuery Gantt plugin's JavaScript and CSS files to the Html page.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="jquery-gantt.css">
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="jquery-gantt.js"></script>

2. Create a container element in which you want to render the gantt chart.

<div id="demo"></div>

3. Prepare your events to be presented in the gantt chart.

var eventsData = [{
    "title": "Event 1",
    "startdate": "2016/07/21",
    "enddate": "2016/07/26",
    "url": "",
    "type": "Tur",
    "minNight": "4",
    "price": {
        "original": {
            "price": 798.0000,
            "priceType": "EUR"
        "converted": {
            "price": 2673,
            "priceType": "TL"
    "tooltipData": {
        "title": "Title",
        "image": "Image1.jpg",
        "desc": ["Desc 1", " Desc 2", " Desc 3"],
        "dates": {
            "begin": "Start date",
            "end": "End date"
        "url": null
    "dateorder": "\/Date(1469048400000)\/"

4. Initialize the gantt chart plugin and done.

  data: eventsData

5. Available options and defaults.


  // user defined data array of event [source]
  data: [],

  // data URL
  dataURL: '',

  // start date calendar
  startDate: new Date(),

  // end date calendar
  endDate: new Date(),

  // cell width px
  cellWidth: 20,

  // cell height px
  cellHeight: 38,

  // language
  language: 'en',

  // sticky header
  stickyHeader: false,

  // mouse scroll
  mouseScroll: false,

  // mouse scroll px
  mouseScrollpx: 120,

  // lazy load
  lazyLoad: false,

  // auto hide
  autoHide: false,

  // onInit event
  onInit: $.noop,

  // onDestroy event
  onDestroy: $.noop

About Author:

Author: oguzhan


This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by oguzhanoya. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.