Lightweight Form Validation Plugin For jQuery - isform.js

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Lightweight Form Validation Plugin For jQuery - isform.js

isform.js is a really small (~3kb minified) jQuery plugin that makes it easy to validate form fields and display custom error messages before submitting.

Validation rules included:

  • Required field.
  • Min/Max values.
  • Is text.
  • Is email.
  • Is number.
  • Checkbox/radio inputs and select box.
  • Is matched.

How to use it:

1. Load the following JavaScript files into your html document and the isform.js is ready for use.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="js/isform.min.js"> </script>

2. Apply the validation rules to your form fields and customize the error message as these:

$('#form').on('submit', function(e){

  var fullname = new Input( $('#fname') , e);
      fullname.isRequired("Name is Required");
      fullname.setMin(5,"Name is too short");
      fullname.setMax(25, "Name is too Long");
      fullname.isText("Please make sure your name is TExt only");

  var username = new Input( $('#username') , e);
      username.isRequired("Username is Required");
      username.setMin(5, "Make sure your username is longer than 5 character");
      username.isText_nospace("User name must have a text only and no space");
      username.setMax(15, "Username is too long");

  var email = new Input( $('#email'), e);
      email.isRequired("Email is Required");
      email.isEmail("Not a Email");
      email.setMax(30, "Your email is too large");

  var password = new Input( $('#password'), e);
      password.isRequired("password is Required");
      password.setMax(30, "password is too large hard to remember");
      password.setMin(7, "Make sure your password length is greater than 7");

  var repassword = new Input( $('#re-password'), e);
      repassword.isEqualto($('#password'), "Re type password does not match");
      repassword.isRequired("RE type your password");
      repassword.setMax(30, "password is too large hard to remember");
      repassword.setMin(7, "Make sure your password length is greater than 7");

  var radio = new Input($('.gender'), e);

  var checkbox = new Input( $('#checkbox'), e);

  var select = new Input($('#select'), e);
      select.isSelect("Please Select")


Change log:


  • Bug fixes and added more comments

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by suryakhadka. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.