Easy jQuery Input Mask Plugin - inputmask

Easy jQuery Input Mask Plugin - inputmask
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jQuery Input Mask is a lightweight and easy-to-use jQuery plugin that makes it easier to create an input mask. An input mask helps the user with the input by ensuring a predefined format. This can be useful for dates, numerics, phone numbers, etc. 


  • optional parts anywere in the mask
  • possibility to define aliases which hide complexity
  • date / datetime masks
  • numeric masks
  • lots of callbacks
  • non-greedy masks
  • many features can be enabled/disabled/configured by options
  • supports readonly/disabled/dir="rtl" attributes
  • support data-inputmask attribute
  • multi-mask support

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How to use it:

1. Include jQuery library and jQuery Input Mask on the web page

<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="dist/jquery.inputmask.bundle.min.js"></script>

2. Define your masks using data-inputmask attribute

<input data-inputmask="'alias': 'date'" />
<input data-inputmask="'mask': '9', 'repeat': 10, 'greedy' : false" />
<input data-inputmask="'mask': '99-9999999'" />

3. Call the plugin


4. Default options to customize the plugin.

placeholder: "_",
optionalmarker: { start: "[", end: "]" },
quantifiermarker: { start: "{", end: "}" },
groupmarker: { start: "(", end: ")" },
alternatormarker: "|",
escapeChar: "\\",

// needs tobe null instead of undefined as the extend method does not consider props with the undefined value
mask: null,

// regular expression as a mask
regex: null, 

//executes when the mask is complete
oncomplete: $.noop, 

//executes when the mask is incomplete and focus is lost
onincomplete: $.noop, 

//executes when the mask is cleared
oncleared: $.noop, 

//repetitions of the mask: * ~ forever, 
//otherwise specify an integer
repeat: 0, 

//true: allocated buffer for the mask and repetitions
//false: allocate only if needed
greedy: true, 

//automatically unmask when retrieving the value with $.fn.val or value if the browser supports __lookupGetter__ or getOwnPropertyDescriptor
autoUnmask: false,

//remove the mask before submitting the form.
removeMaskOnSubmit: false, 

clearMaskOnLostFocus: true,

//insert the input or overwrite the input
insertMode: true, 

//clear the incomplete input on blur
clearIncomplete: false, 

alias: null,

//callback to implement autocomplete on certain keys for example. 
//args => event, buffer, caretPos, opts
onKeyDown: $.noop, 

//executes before masking the initial value to allow preprocessing of the initial value.  
//args => initialValue, opts => return processedValue
onBeforeMask: undefined, 

//executes before masking the pasted value to allow preprocessing of the pasted value.  
//args => pastedValue, opts => return processedValue
onBeforePaste: undefined, 

//executes before writing to the masked element. 
//args => event, opts
onBeforeWrite: undefined, 

//executes after unmasking to allow postprocessing of the unmaskedvalue.  
args => maskedValue, unmaskedValue, opts
onUnMask: undefined,  

//show the mask-placeholder when the input has focus
showMaskOnFocus: true, 

//show the mask-placeholder when hovering the empty input
showMaskOnHover: true, 

//executes on every key-press with the result of isValid. 
//Params: result, opts
onKeyValidation: $.noop, 

//a character which can be used to skip an optional part of a mask
skipOptionalPartCharacter: " ", 

//show the activemask as tooltip
showTooltip: false, 

//numericInput input direction style (input shifts to the left while holding the caret position)
numericInput: false, 

//align to the right
rightAlign: false, 

//pressing escape reverts the value to the value before focus
undoOnEscape: true, 

//numeric basic properties
radixPoint: "", //".", // | ","

//set the radixPoint definitionSymbol ~ used for awareness of the radixpoint
radixPointDefinitionSymbol: undefined, 

//numeric basic properties
groupSeparator: "", //",", // | "."

//try to keep the mask static while typing. 
//Decisions to alter the mask will be posponed if possible 
//undefined see auto selection for multi masks
keepStatic: undefined, 

//when enabled the caret position is set after the latest valid position on TAB
positionCaretOnTab: true, 

//allows for tabbing through the different parts of the masked field
tabThrough: false, 

//list with the supported input types
supportsInputType: ["text", "tel", "password"], 

//specify keyCodes which should not be considered in the keypress event, otherwise the preventDefault will stop their default behavior especially in FF
ignorables: [8, 9, 13, 19, 27, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 45, 46, 93, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 0, 229],

//override for isComplete - args => buffer, opts - return true || false
isComplete: null, 

//hook to alter the clear behavior in the stripValidPositions args => maskset, position, lastValidPosition, opts => return true|false/command object
canClearPosition: $.noop, 

//hook to preValidate the input.  Usefull for validating regardless the definition.  args => buffer, pos, char, isSelection, opts => return true/false/command object
preValidation: null, 

//hook to postValidate the result from isValid. Usefull for validating the entry as a whole.  args => buffer, currentResult, opts => return true/false/json
postValidation: null, 

//specify a definitionSymbol for static content, used to make matches for alternators
staticDefinitionSymbol: undefined, 

//just in time masking ~ only mask while typing, can n (number), true or false
jitMasking: false, 

//return nothing instead of the buffertemplate when the user hasn't entered anything.
nullable: true, 

//dev option - testing inputfallback behavior
inputEventOnly: false, 

//disable value property patching
noValuePatching: false, 

//none, lvp (based on the last valid position (default), radixFocus (position caret to radixpoint on initial click)
positionCaretOnClick: "lvp", 

//mask-level casing. Options: null, "upper", "lower" or "title"
casing: null, 

//specify the inputmode  - already in place for when browsers will support it
inputmode: "verbatim", 

//enable css styleable mask
colorMask: false, 

//see README_android.md
androidHack: false 

Change logs:

v3.3.7 (2017-06-09)

  • Added: allow custom operation in casing option by callback
  • Updated: put back Regex alias extension for legacy support #1611
  • Updated: postvalidation cannot set pos of undefined
  • Updated: fix undoValue initialization
  • Fixed: Major issue with regex
  • Fixed: React onChange event doesn't work with Inputmask
  • Fixed: Currency digits and delete
  • Fixed: Decimal editing problems
  • Fixed: UX problem with email mask
  • Fixed: Force numeric to empty (on blur) with '0' as value 
  • Fixed: ndxInitializer.shift is not a function

v3.3.6 (2017-04-20)

  • Added: noValuePatching option 
  • Updates: alternator syntax update - regex like alternations is now supported (aa|99|AA) ~ aa or 99 or AA
  • Fixed: integer backspace bug when set maxLength attr. 
  • Fixed: Regex with placeholder, not working?
  • Fixed: Visualize regular expressions #1040
  • Fixed: Mobile phone code update needed for Malaysia 
  • Fixed: suffix bug (regression) 
  • Fixed: 29 february of non leap-year

v3.3.2 (2016-09-03)

  • Added 'casing': 'title'
  • performance updates
  • replaced radixFocus option by positionCaretOnClick. Allows choice for behavior of the caret on click. (none, lvp (default), radixFocus)
  • removed nojumps option
  • update phone alias implementation
  • enhanced alternation selection
  • change default of positionCaretOnTab to true
  • Fixed: onUnMask is not being called
  • Fixed 'setvalue' on mask with a suffix results in suffix being doubled, while $.fn.val works fine
  • Fixed when typing after a fixed character
  • fixup definitions for phone alias
  • Fixed: Hide mask's items that have multiple options
  • fix currency with " " as groupseparator
  • Fixed: change addEventListener not fired in IE11
  • Dynamically changing mask based on number of entered characters
  • Fixed: Input event doesn't fire in IE
  • Fixed: Unable to get property 'forwardPosition' of undefined or null reference
  • Fixed Problems with greedy dynamic masks
  • IE11 fix
  • Enhance caret positioning on click
  • Pasting to masked input not working on Android
  • update inputfallback + checkval

v3.3.1 (2016-04-20)

  • Fixed Safari Error: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
  • Fixed Safari Maximum call stack size exceeded when inputmask bound twice
  • Fixed Email alias @ => @._ 
  • Fixed Safari date mask - Context switch when jquery.valhook fallback is used 
  • adding extra options though option method => auto apply the mask + add noremask option
  • speedup insert and delete from characters
  • better handle alternator logic by merging the locators
  • patchValueProperty - enable native value property patch on IE8/IE9

v3.3.0 (2016-04-05)

  • Fixed Email mask not accepting valid emails
  • Fixed Deleting character from input with 'email' alias shifts all data
  • Fixed some events like paste & cut for Vanilla dependencyLib
  • Fixed AutoUnmask not working on IE11
  • Fixed Email mask incorrectly including underscore  => allowed as not typed => result invalid
  • Fixed Can not clear value when select all and press BACKSPACE in some circumstance
  • Fixed error occurs in safari 9.0.3
  • Fixed Paste does not work properly when using numericInput
  • Fixed "[object Object]" value after $element.inputmask('setvalue', '') call
  • Fixed: Lost zero while replacing a digit in group
  • Fixed: RadixFocus problem
  • Fixed: "0.00" not displayed if "clearMaskOnLostFocus: true"
  • Fixed: Can not change integer part when it is "0"
  • Fixed NumericInput option can't handle 100.00
  • Fixed: IE8 error: Object doesn't support this property or method
  • Fixed: numeric alias produces "0.00" instead of null when cleared out.
  • Fixed: Caret Positioned After Last Decimal Digit Disallows Sign Input When digits Option Set
  • Fixed: Clicking on a highlighted masked field does not set the caret to the first valid position (Chrome)
  • Fixed: 'alias': 'numeric', zero value
  • Fixed: Distinguish empty value and '$ 0.00' value for currency alias
  • Fixed: validate regular expression for indian vehicle registration number
  • Fixed: InputMask remove a 0 in left side. (numericInput: true)
  • Fixed: min value issue
  • Fixed: PostValidation function fails when using placeholder and digitsOptional is false
  • improve getmetadata
  • Added VIN mask
  • Added nullable option => switch to return the placeholder or null when nothing is entered
  • change funtionality of postValidation => result may be true|false
  • patchValueProperty - enable native value property patch on IE10/IE11
  • update negation handling for numeric alias

v3.2.7 (2016-01-27)

  • IEMobile fixes
  • favor inputfallback for android
  • Fixed: Issue in Android (Samsung GALAXY S5) 
  • Fixed: time mask, backspace behavior on android chrome 
  • Fixed: Android Chrome Browser 
  • Fixed: Mask issue in Android with Swype Keyboard 
  • Fixed: Pasting to masked input not working on Android 
  • Fixed: Decimal point/comma not working on Android 4.4 
  • Fixed: Doesn't work on Android #1073
  • Fixed: numeric input in mobile #897
  • Fixed: Support for Android default browser #368
  • Fixed: Repeating a character and a number On Mobile 
  • Fixed: Inputs are ignored on FF 39 on Android 5.0.2 
  • Fixed: Phone input mask duplicates each character on Samsung Android tablet
  • Fixed: Support for Android default browser 
  • Fixed: fixed "valids is not defined" error 

v3.2.6 (2016-01-25)

  • Added staticDefinitionSymbol
  • Added include textarea as a valid masking element
  • add jitMasking option
  • add supportsInputType option
  • update alternation logic
  • implement missing parts in the jqlite DependencyLib
  • Remove namespaces for events (simplifies implementing other dependencyLibs, besides jquery)
  • Fixed No-strict mask
  • Fixed Inputmask not work with textarea
  • Fixed Cursor shifted to the RIGHT align any way
  • Fixed Multiple masks
  • Fixed Double enter for submit
  • Fixed Multiple Mask Click Focus Error
  • Fixed IE9 SCRIPT445: Object does not support this action
  • Fixed Input mask can't be applied on other HTML5 input types
  • Fixed Initial value like VAA gets truncated to V-__ with mask like "I{1,3}-ZZ"
  • Fixed Show placeholder as user types
  • Fixed IE11 clear not working in emulated IE9 mode
  • Fixed Issue with reset of inputmask field
  • Fixed '405 not allowed' error on loading phone-codes.js on certain Ajax configuration.
  • enhanced caching in gettests
  • Fixed Windows Phone User unable to set Date

v3.2.5 (2015-11-24)

  • Fixed numeric extensions don't supported with vanilla DependencyLib
  • Fixed alias options from 'data-inputmask' is not used anymore
  • Fixed Email mask doesn't allow to go to the domain part by mouse
  • Fixed Currency validator gives false negative if number of digits in integer part is not multiplier of groupSize
  • Fixed data-inputmask => mask with optionals not parsed correctly
  • improve cursor positioning and placeholder handling
  • remove $("selector").inputmask("mask", { mask: "99-999 ..." }) format from plugin

v3.2.4 (2015-11-20)

  • allow passing a selector to the mask function
  • allow passing an element id to the mask function
  • Fixed: bower package
  • Fixed: autoUnmask not work in newest release
  • Fixed: Definition {_} throws an exception #1106 => update readme
  • Fixed: Uncaught TypeError for "percentage" alias 
  • Fixed: Wrong behavior for symbol delete in ip alias 
  • Fixed: element validation for the vanilla dependencyLib

v3.2.3 (2015-11-09)

  • Add tooltip option
  • Improve handling of compositionevents
  • Improve extendAliases, extendDefinitions, extendDefaults
  • inputmask.binding => automated inputmask binding for html attributes
  • optimize init
  • Fixed extra tooltip property
  • Fixed Numeric aliases insert '0' in input after clearing if there was fraction part
  • Fixed Clear optional tail in getvalue.
  • Fixed Each character repeats on Mobile
  • Fixed errors in IE8
  • Fixed upper/lower case handling in data-inputmask-*
  • Fixed Double Change action when pressing Enter in Firefox
  • Fixed CTRL-x / Cut issue
  • Fixed Cannot erase input value throw mask symbols (Android 4.4, Android 4.2)
  • Fixed escaperegex call

v3.2.2 (2015-10-14)

  • Fixed Missing comma in bower.json and component.json

v3.2.1 (2015-09-21)

  • fixed jquery.inputmask.bundle.js
  • fixed dependency paths for browserify
  • fixed DependencyLib error in Internet Explorer
  • fixed Dynamically switching mask in same input box not functioning as expected
  • fixed Invalid JSON phone-uk.js
  • fixed field input width characters cropped while writing
  • fixed Currency with autogroup and no digits not working
  • update files to be included for package.json, bower.json, component.json
  • update namespace dependencyLib => inputmask.dependencyLib
  • added inputmask.dependencyLib.jquery
  • added inputmask.dependencyLib.jqlite

v3.2.0 (2015-09-04)

  • Fixed: never trigger 'input' event when paste after invoke inputmask 
  • Fixed: Script looping start when add '.' between decimal values ('.' part)
  • Fixed: Dynamic masks with {*} and zero repeats
  • Fixed: Mask does not alternate back after deleting digit
  • Fixed: Script looping start when add '.' between decimal values
  • Fixed: Delete key not working properly
  • Fixed: Chinese / Japanese characters are unable to mask
  • Fixed: Infinite Loop on IE (v11) when using Japanese IME Keyboard
  • Fixed: Numeric inputMask doesn't rounds value
  • Fixed: Decimal looses digits
  • Fixed: Firefox: cursor jumps to the right when clicking anywhere on the value
  • Fixed: numeric carret position broken
  • Fixed: Escape optional marker, quantifiable marker, alternator marker and backslash not working
  • Fixed: Escape value is inconsistent after mask
  • Fixed: Add isValueMask option to support masking value that not yet mask
  • Fixed: updating a value on onincomplete event doesn't work
  • Fixed: Provide convenient method to unmask value
  • Fixed: phone-codes.js is missing when installing with bower
  • Fixed: Typing 1000 becomes 1.00 using groupSeparator="."
  • Fixed: Entering a period on a blank 'numeric' alias input not allowed
  • Fixed: Decimal separator conversion
  • Fixed: Auto position cursor at end of data on focus
  • Fixed: Make numericInput work with complex masks
  • Fixed: Regression in currency
  • Fixed: On google chrome, cannot use jquery to clone the inputmask control with data and events
  • Fixed: Cannot overwrite characters when highlighting the characters to the right of the decimal
  • Fixed: Decimal mask accepts "123,456." (RadixPoint with no number after it)
  • Fixed: Default Enter key function getting lost on an input mask text field
  • Fixed: Numeric inputs with default value are setted to blank when submit the form
  • Fixed: Focus loop on IE9 with numeric.extensions
  • Fixed: Regression in currency alias
  • Fixed: Set specific inputmask option on already initialized control
  • Fixed: Issue using datamask-input attributes and event handlers
  • some fixes for numeric alias - stripValidPositions
  • Update placeholder handling
  • separate jquery plugin code from the inputmask core (first step to remove jquery dependency from the inputmask core)
  • Update placeholder handling
  • remove "jquery." in the naming of the extensions to better reflect their denpendency
  • remove $.inputmask in favor of inputmask class
  • make auto unmask to support escape character in the middle.
  • Added: inputmask class
  • Added: setting defaults / definitions / aliases
  • Added: numeric alias - increment/decrement by ctrl-up/ctrl-down
  • Added: percentage alias
  • Added: numeric alias - round values
  • Added: inputmask.unmask


This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by RobinHerbots. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.